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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Course Technician

The CEFETS carry through the formation by means of actual meeting in the distance (seminaries) and, saw e-mail, telephone or virtual platform of education. It is also of responsibility of the CEFET to assist the systems of education in the activities of spreading and implantation of the Course Technician of Formation for the Employees of […]

Classic Brickbusting Action

'My years – my fortune ' Everyone who was a child during the heyday eight-bit consoles – the end of the last century, know this game. She came to our house along with the first (for most) game consoles. Are those consoles, for some reason, just "Dandy", but actually "Dandy" – this is just one […]

Android Quarter

Android ended the year 2010 ahead of Apple, leading the platform for smartphones in the network of mobile advertising, Millennial Media, with 46% of impressions while Apple got 32% last December. This represents an increase of 12% compared with the previous month, when both platforms had a 38%. Millennial data have met just one week […]

Video Editing – Pinnacle STUDIO

Russia has become a new version of the popular videoredaktora.V our country, she came under the patronage of ‘Media Club’. This line of products under the name Pinnacle Systems studio hd 14, appeared two years after a previous 12-second versions. Believing superstition, the developers have missed the 13th number. Software product came in three varieties: […]

Concrete Stamps

Grades of concrete on frost resistance of the F 25 and F 500 is characterized by the number of cycles withstand alternate freezing and thawing in water-saturated state. Concrete Stamps on water resistance of W 2 and W 12 is characterized by the limiting pressure at which the water is still not observed seeping through […]

The Resort Of Goa In India

Fairytale India has long attracted the attention of the world with its exotic, beautiful nature, rich culture. But India – is not only Delhi but also superotryvnoy resort of Goa. His popularity in Europe, Goa owes hippies. Today, Goa – almost the only place on Earth where the tradition alive hippie, fondly dreaming that love […]

Optics Ana Maria

Specific programs of ambient education and recycling developed by companies of the sector in partnership with schools, beneficient clubs and entities have despertado the interest each bigger time of the society for the recycling; O high aggregate value of the aluminum scrap iron stimulates the recycling of other materials, giving force to an important instrument […]

Federal Sports Programs

Such constructions are optimal for the construction of sports complexes, stadiums, indoor skating rinks and other objects, since they allow to construct the long unsupported spans and construct buildings with large interior space. For example, the maximum length of concrete beams is only 30 meters, compared to 60 – lmc for like "Spider". Except addition, […]