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Monthly Archives: April 2021

The Truth

The point is: we exploit the artificial life mercilessly our creation -. but by God (a higher power), expect that he with us his creation-gracious bypasses. Why do we expect from him that he spared us that he protects us from environmental disasters, that he commands stop the family misfortune? Although we ourselves; evolutionary “underdeveloped” […]

Evidence Reason

For Discardings the reason also called common-sense is innate of course equal in all the men, thus being a rational animal with equalities, of right with common-sense or reason in which all we possess in them, however, nor all the men use correctly of its reason. As Discardings common-sense or the reason is what it […]

Special Protection

Since then, chemistry has made a decisive step towards the development of flame retardants. So, there is a special salt, ie powder. This was dissolved in water. The resulting solution is treated with wood, fabric or carpet. Moisture dries up, and the chemical component is embedded in the structure of the material. Now, several surface-mm […]


Also, each password, can that is in a dictionary (no matter which language!) finds, within minutes by hackers cracked are. This is a so-called dictionary attack”applied, in which a computer automated millions of words as a password tried per second!Alone with these methods, computer criminals can reach a very high hit rate. Brute force “attacks […]