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Monthly Archives: August 2021

Optical Character Recognition

ViewSonic establishes joint venture with Hanvon Munich the 08 June 2013 ViewSonic, a world leader in consumer electronics and communication and it solutions, today announced a new joint venture with Hanvon. The Chinese company is specialized in the development of hardware solutions and software, based on technologies to the handwriting recognition. This includes among other […]

Professional Website

Can I make a professional website on joomla? I can safely say that – yes you can! Sites for Joomla is a set of specific scripts developed using the programming language php. Sites for Joomla have unlimited possibilities for the structure and functional, the ability to connect additional modules and components, which currently has more […]

Ambulatory Care Services

Cross-cultural nursing or foreign language specialist in the own nursing: ambulatory care colorful on a sunny Thursday morning a small talk about current health reform takes place in the classrooms of a Dresden software manufacturer for nursing services instead, it is much discussed – but not only in German, but in seven different languages. The […]

Straight International

The postmodern Right is, not to doubt, a highly complex system that maintains its complexity in the subsystems that they apply so much to a Nation as to a region, a community or the very same Straight International, that like put-system, contain to the other like subsystems of itself. That system is a social ecological […]

Consulting Phases UC

One is due to stimulate, to give opportunity that is pronounced to him, to know how to take the opportunity where she can arise and discover that all we bring a potential that of knowing how him to stimulate to generate great results. In the present case of the Venezuelan reality, there are many opportunities […]

The Professor

To reflect the practical one is presented, then, with two complementary aspects: in lower court to unite practical theory and on the other hand, to reflect practical, adopting as the perspective one the inherent possibility of construction of a new to know. To teach, then, she is necessary, to congregate comment, reflection, research, orientation and […]

Learning Organizational Definition

According to the approach of Argyris and Schon (1978), when an organization enters deutero, members also learn about previous contexts for learning. In a question-answer forum Ron Wood was the first to reply. They discover what they did what facilitates or hinders learning, inventing new strategies for learning, these strategies produce, evaluate and generalize that […]


The largest store of consumer electronics uk Currys to stop selling audiotapes, reports We also learned that the projected sales network The High Street, the latest stereo system with cassette deck will be sold to end of 2007, sales of audio cassettes and devices for playing them steadily declined over the past 15 years […]

New Luxury In The Bathroom

More and more luxury is coming the times of the “quiet village”, where the only furniture of the first aid kit was in German bathrooms, are long over… the sky thank. Today, the bathroom has become a place of general well-being and relaxation. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as James Woods by clicking […]

The End Of The Dog Poop

An innovation for the simple elimination of dog excrement. The end of the dog poop is called DOG BOX, comes from Bavaria and not greater than 2 is a flat designed cardboard cheque cards, which automatically is when removing from the packaging to a shovel-like box, creating a fun and at the same time a […]