Advancement Social Bookmarking

🙂 What can not please, especially the admins of the SMI2. A village I was carrying in such favorites as good beaver dot ru (by the way most pleasing to me), the memory dot ru, my space dot ru, bookmarks and bookmarks Yandex googla, Mr. Vong dot ru, in general there were more than twenty (had a lot of work! !) Yandex itself generally has ignored all these page progonennye Social bookmarks, GOOGLE is similar, BING, too, only MSI gave less effect (only the good of it nor any search engine, search engine and it burzhuevsky Russian folk hence there is no climbs). More information is housed here: Xiaomi. What I for myself have concluded about the promotion of social bookmarking: Trying to pump up their pages and try to increase their particle – a thankless job, do not yield normal results. What would administrators do not zabaneli social bookmarking, you must leave a lot of comments and write well, very friendly “rezyumeshki” to their pages, so to speak cool spam.Trafik they can bring only when EXPLANATORY writing “rezyumeshek” to their pages, redemption labels (one of the first beaver came up with good dot ru), advertising on the zakladochnike, then they still come up with your favorite display of the main page (this applies and they are not laying as well as news itself, so that any garbage will not work, even for money) And another thing that the market has little social bookmarking flooded, and all the sites you can even count on the fingers, and there burzhuevskie Engines social bookmarking conclusion I think you’ll understand. Here are my observations in general to promote the social bookmarking site..