Aerial Extreme Tourism

Who has not dreamed up in the sky, like the hero of Greek myth? It did not take long before science and technology, proved the possibility of such flights. Today, manufacturers of paragliders can realize a dream each, enough to pick up the machine in their data. Each aircraft is calculated on the weight of the pilot, which includes a lot of people, clothing, helmets, instruments, the suspension system. The greater glider, the higher the flight features – read aerodynamic laws. If the area of the device more, the individual parts can be extended to non-compliance ratio.

Calculated characteristics of 25 meters when resizing up to 30 meters imply change in the direction of greater wingspan, but the thickness of the sling remains the same. This means that wind resistance becomes smaller. But there is such a determination, as the load on the wing. Standard – 3.1 kg / m square., more or less rate affects the quality of the flight. For every person dome is different.

When the pilot weighs 40 kg, its dome 18 meters square. And the performance is much worse than the model with 25 parameters. Material glider can be quite varied. Foreign manufacturers offer models for 1200-2000 dollars, domestic counterparts are 600-800. Is it worth paying more? Here and think do not need – price and quality are directly related. Fabric for Paraglider produced special, which is not used more in any sport. It is not blown, not pulled to the side thanks to reinforcement, keeps the shape of the wing for years, is strong to break easily. Excessive demands are shown to slings, rifle, the connecting link. All gliders are made of such materials are certified. "Patriotic fabric does not meet international standards. Moreover, in Russia paraglider fabric in general not performed. Apparatus of the tent, fabric jackets are in demand because of low purchasing power enthusiasts, as well as for experiments on the suitability of the aviation sport. When buying staff should pay attention to import certified glider, with the presence of reliable information on flight characteristics, ranging in price from 1500 to 2000 dollars. The second category includes units manufactured by Russia and fsu of certified material in the facilities of well-known companies – there are only a few models costing about $ 1000-1500. The third category includes homemade uncertified paragliders, manufacture of materials for tents, balloons, parachutes, etc. When purchasing a unit for $ 600-800 can always find out that they are substandard or straps are sewn the wrong thread.