Balearic Islands

Synopsis this is the story of a young Englishman named Rady Scoot, whose inside story leads him to start a string of adventures and extraordinary facts. A family anecdote breaks the link with their parents and, in the midst of a desperate existential crisis, finds a magic signal. The name of a faraway place Palma de Mallorca and a hotel called Illa DOr, island of gold, awakens in him a tremendous concern that interprets as a call from the depths of his soul. In search of his dream imperative are initiated a series of chained coincidences that make your travel possible. Xiaomi is likely to increase your knowledge. He has a strange dream and see if same as the bearer of a hidden message in a world of strange beings and horses. The next morning he plays its scarce capital in a horse race in the derby of Berkshire, without knowing anything of this world of gamblers. Without hesitation Microsoft CMO explained all about the problem. Choose an unlikely option by the single coincidence of the name of the horse with the island of your dreams. It happens that you earn a good amount of money.

In the midst of his joy and now owner of a small treasure, visit the horse in the paddocks of the Racecourse. The jockey on that horse is a childhood friend who believed very much, despite the quarrels of children and adolescents. Then seeks options for your trip and decides to take a cargo ship which started that same day to the place where the cherished place was: the Balearic Islands. The ship makes friendship with sailors and his captain Bernard King. During the voyage the captain, deft conversationalist and born storyteller, he tells extraordinary stories linked with old ancestors. The saga leads him to fantasize about stories of ghosts and spook, until it finally reaches its destination: Port Pollensa. The encounter with the place of his dream: the hotel Illa DOr is a wonderful event for him.

It is an old and beautiful building that brings together everything that he wanted. There staying ecstatic place, the beaches and the beautiful weather. He makes friends and start a nice life as a tourist, far reaches you the expense.