Bank Deficiency

To make the script of If, the group leaves the Station If, for 1 wagon of the car, destined the people with deficiency, and follows until the station Is Bento, for where it leaves for rolling stairs and plus a great staircase. Slopes in this station do not exist elevating nor, what it makes impracticable the use for user of chair of wheels and people with reduced mobility. In the blue line, for example, five stations only have elevators for use of people with deficiency. Image 1: Stairs of exit of the Station Are Bento Source: Personal quantity 7 In entorno of the station all the passage is sufficient victim, with broken pisos and esburacados, diverse obstacles in the strolls, guides of passage without degradation, furniture without identification, etc. The ways of public stroll represent in its majority a risk for any person, mainly for the people with locomotion difficulty, deficient aged appearances and. The sidewalk of the center they have inadequate pavement or irregular and slippery pisos, with unevennesses loosers for steps are of the very steep standard or slopes. During the passage Bank of Brazil is made a stop in the cultural center, where a slope of access for the lateral door of the building exists, and in the internal part of the building, the concern with the accessibility is visible, exists telephones for deaf people, orelhes with height lower, slopes of access, balcony with two heights, elevators and etc.

The museum counts on some programmings directed toward person with deficiency, as you interpret of pounds and sensorial expositions. The way of the next point to visitation exists stretches with applied tactile floor of incorrect form, exageradamente in some cases, also between Portuguese mosaic where if it becomes imperceptible for the cane of tracking due to texture. These are examples of as item the accessibility norm are applied of incorrect form.