Built-In Speakers

Today's design architects and designers are called to ensure that the withdrawal of all "engineering" communications from a residential area, providing maximum comfort for the customer. Built-in speakers allows architects and designers to implement any plan of its own, giving the one hand, advanced quality and technology and meeting the dreams of the most demanding customers, and on the other – allowing acoustic waves, or any sound uniformly fill the whole space. Current developments in acoustic systems targeted for use in areas with thin internal architectural decoration. Such speakers include invisible speakers – it's built acoustics, based on the transducer, the acoustic waves propagating dual way. Speaking candidly Brad Pitt told us the story. They are easily mounted into the walls and ceilings of brick or drywall, becoming to them a single entity. These speakers can be completely invisible, and then embedded in a wall or ceiling can be painted with any type of waterproof paint or can be covered paper or fabric wallpaper for full integration into the interior environment. And all this without the slightest loss to really perfect sound! Thus, when using the embedded acoustic systems architect or a designer can work together to implement all his plans. On the one hand, such systems are the implementation of advanced technology and satisfy the dreams of most demanding customers, and on the other hand, even if it comes to big screen home theater, music or any sound uniformly fill the entire space of the room..