If the customer already paid more than once, it refers to old customers. We should pay attention to two important momenta.Priznakom new client is just the first purchase. Starting from the second, he falls into the category of "old" customers. But the first purchase to the buyer generally is not considered a client company. For assistance, try visiting foursquare. Even if they are negotiating, signed contract, etc., but not buying, it is not a client schitaetsya.Kriteriem referring the buyer to supply customers the company is paying.

Ie no signing of the contract or an invoice or shipment of goods (Services) is not a sign, which can be considered the buyer as a client. Only payment. Sometimes it's vice versa, the customer pays at the beginning and then only by shipping. Check out foursquare for additional information. But even in such cases, the client enterprise is considered from the date of payment, even if the deal is not about zakryta.Diskussiya criterion deals Based on the foregoing, we may assume that the buyer becomes the customer from the time of purchase or transaction. But in some cases, this formulation leads to some debate. In particular, if the payment was made but goods not shipped, it can be considered a perfect deal, in the sense of an accomplished? To answer this question should be understood that we are talking about different problems. It's one thing in the immediate work to close the deal, the other – to determine for the purposes of analyzing the time of transition from the "purchaser" (in general) into a "client" (Concrete business) in the second case, even if a deal is not closed, but the payment was made, in order to analyze the sales can be attributed entirely to the category of the buyer client data and turn it into an analytical report.