CDE Management GmbH

agorum Software GmbH, provider of DMS software agorum core and CDE Management GmbH concluded a far-reaching cooperation. The CDE Management GmbH will take over the complete sales of by agorum Software GmbH in the course of cooperation, as well as build a Europe-wide network of partners. agorum has put together the systems of document management, archiving, knowledge management, workflow and easy searching and find virtuosity to a system and firmly promotes the further development of the system. CDE focuses on sales and the development of a Europe-wide service network which is based on cooperative partnership and long-term cooperation. By a corresponding partner program is the challenge mastered successfully in the market to bring this system by competent contact persons.

To date, some leading software manufacturer and value added reseller, agorum partner program could be won. agorum Software GmbH: founded in 1998. Since then develops and sells products to the topic of information and document management. The core competencies are document management systems (DMS), knowledge management (KMS), archiving systems and workflow. Since January 2008, the document management system is agorum core as open source software under the GNU GPL version 2 available, as well as Enterprise version agorum core Pro”with interesting add-on modules. CDE Management GmbH: Foundation in 1991. The purpose of the business was software development in the field of industrial quality management with over 1,100 projects.