Colombia Protoplasts

In 1994 we visited the Experimental Station of fortune to the North of the city of Ponce, Puerto Rico, we could see a plantation of Milky hybrid of these two species, obtained with the application of the technique of Fusion of protoplasts. The plantation was 7 years old with great size and a great production. For 6 years he was producing very good taste Milky, a good size of the fruit, high productivity and the total absence of viruses.The hybrid was planted in Colombia, Venezuela and the country (Rep. Dominican), but unfortunately did not yield the expected results and the viruses again ocacionaron havoc in the hybrid. Genetic engineering has overshadowed the technique of fusion of protoplasts, because their efectosson most eloquent and durable, but is required for your realization of very expensive equipment and highly qualified personnel. However countries like Viet-nan, La India, Pakistan, China mainland, Indonesia, Philippine, Thailand, etc., countries with different degrees of underdevelopment, are from years ago working in the obtaining of transgenic papaya resistant to the virus.

The China several years ago that you are cultivating it, the India does but the Congress of that country maintains the prohibition on planting it. The other countries are close to achieving it, which would eliminate the main obstacle to cultivate this plant, which has become to that area of the far East, the main production area of the world.The technique of fusion of protoplasts can be summarized as follows: obtaining the cells of the two species that they will be has hybridize. Application of an enzyme (cellulase or Pectinase) which destroys the cell wall, leaving unprotected cells that membrane, taking the name of protoplasts. Then occur joints of protoplasts and such unions cellular mitosis produce many cells which causes a callus. With the help of the cytokinin and Auxin, seestimula development root and leaf and in a few days we will have a hybrid seedling of two completely different species.The country now boasts many Ph D in biotechnology, highly skilled and they are doing a great job in your work area. Consulted some of these technicians are in agreement, that by applying appropriate technology can be the fusion of protoplasts in the country Micropropagation laboratories.The Duchess of the Ministry of agriculture laboratory, has your personal Ph D in biotechnology, also with a mystique of very interesting and valuable work in these times, that has imposed the IDIAF in all its personnel. The technique of fusion of protoplasts, are confident that very soon it will be somewhat routine and genetic engineering will make his presence, stimulating the Creole researchers to obtain spectacular advances with this new Science.