SMS services are becoming more popular, they have won World attraction and billions of people use them today. Therefore, it is not surprising that increasingly more and more companies want to differentiate yourself from your competition using SMS communication. It took several years until a large number of people began to use the SMS. However, the last decade has shown that we depend deeply on the SMS critical to consumers and also in commercial communications. Despite the fact that they were designed to be used in internal communications among engineers, SMS first were a fad among teenagers. So much that they began to create their own jargon, even years before its strong implementation in the market as a communication tool for businesses. Thus, although the SMS was not destined to consumers communicate among themselves, became the main platform for conversation among the younger generation. Despite the fact that the first to massively use SMS they were teenagers, SMS messaging services have become more and more popular among older age groups, possibly because of the need to keep in touch with the younger relatives and also by the use giving television contests to communication by SMS.

In addition, to increase competition among providers of SMS services, the usability of these services and the different features available have been increased and improved. Among other advances, we have the customization of the sender of the SMS sending, delivery of sent SMS confirmation or receipt of SMS clients via Virtual mobile number. According to the Commission of the market of telecommunications, there are more than 52 million mobile lines in Spain… And according to the INE on 1 January 2009 the population residing in Spain was 46 million people. This suggests that there are now at least 1.2 phones per person.

Therefore, a large number of people have two phones, one for personal use and one for business use. This is why as Espana, S.L. Esendex SMS service providers offer this channel of business communication, which recorded growth rates of 50 per cent per annum. Main reasons for sending SMS for companies to increase the turnover of the companies, by sending SMS with last minute deals. Reduce costs on phone calls. Via different options you can also be used to save time, for example Web Email SMS, PC SMS & SMS. To ensure that the appointments do not forget and avoid wastage of resources. For example sending SMS appointment reminders by a hairdresser or dental clinics. To improve the service to the customer, the contact with this and therefore their loyalty.To help build awareness and brand image and recognition. Possibility to receive SMS from clients via Virtual mobile number unique for each account of sending SMS. SMS has become a global phenomenon, everyone is using them. Reality It is SMS only carry about 15 years on the market, but businesses and consumers depend on them and cannot imagine a world without this technology. Have you begun to seize the opportunities for sending SMS for companies?