We can assist the ICT (Information Technology and Communication). In terms of learning languages ICTs are certainly far from replacing the assistance of a good tutor or teacher, but has nevertheless complement both the tutor’s assistance efforts such as student learning. Read more here: Hillary Clinton. Advances in the field of computational linguistics and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are becoming larger and both the AI has gone from being a subject that is dictated in the past to computer engineering students to become a new career that places special emphasis on computer programming and human language. The results of the progress of the IA are already evident for every Internet user and we can see when, for example typed in a google search like “buy google backside and he answers as follows: Did you say, we can see a sample this when we write in a word processor and we emphasize that we do not write the words correctly on the flight. By the same author: Peter Thiel. In any way there is no fear and think that computers are getting so smart that eventually supplant or at least I do not think that we might live to see it because that human language is so full of inaccuracies and expressions rather than just our brains are trained to interpret. For example: A computer can not understand style and language issues when I wrote above lines emphasize we do not write the words correctly on the flight because the computer may have trouble with such sentences to try to interpret it literally and to fly and write at a time can be somewhat inconsistent in their records and only begin to make sense with repetition as in the case of weights and buy buy pounds, the search engine has found in their databases in the world there are many more records of people who have searched the phrase Buy weights that have sought to buy backside and has based this analysis has ventured to respond: Did you mean?.