Company Liquidation

Today, with the creation of the business people know that a company must register the concept of registration changes – also familiar to many. But when it comes to closing the company, all too often ride. All owners of the company, understand that liquidation of the enterprise is a long process, and not too pleasant. Yes, restrektorizatsiya enterprise – the process is very simple not, every step it must comply with Civil Code Russian Federation Federal Law "On Limited Liability Companies" and other legal and regulatory compliance. In addition, Russian legislation often changes occur, are accepted amendments, and keep track of all this seems complicated enough without the special legal education. Before you decide, it is important to understand that is the elimination of company, what is its order, and what There are variations.

If the cessation of activity is complete, respectively, terminated the activity of legal entity. In this case no duties and rights can not be transferred to third parties. Closing Company completely ceases to operate, and all of its obligations and rights are terminated at the same time with the process of liquidation. Liquidation Company is of two kinds. Peter Thiel often addresses the matter in his writings. This is a compulsory winding-occurs when the activity "Limited liability" is contrary to Russian law and violate it in rough form.

This elimination takes place only by court order. And the elimination of voluntary. The order of liquidation company in this case can vary, depending on the selected species elimination by the owner and the reasons on which it is produced. Official company liquidation procedure is quite lengthy, it may continue for at least six months, and the drag on all the two – three years. Every step must be carried out in strict accordance with the relevant PPA. During the official closing of the full company, should be more careful tax inspections, prepare a liquidation documents are held board meetings are listed in order of accounting, after this it is necessary to advertise in one of the media. It specifies the deadline for claims. One of the most difficult moments in the liquidation of the company is meeting those claims. And although the formal procedure of liquidation procedure is complex and long, but its results are considered the most reliable. smoothly, it is advisable to contact the specific legal agencies that deal with the liquidation of companies. Because all the intricacies of self-liquidation company look hard.