Congress Center Nurnberg

Essential bytes with a lecture on the continuous-integration methodology on the DOAG 2010 Conference (16-18 November) in the Congress Center Nurnberg: 16th November, 13:00 to 13:45, room Istanbul Hohberg, 29.10.2010. On the this year’s 2010 DOAG Conference provides the essential bytes GmbH on November 16 from 13: 00 to 13:45 in a lecture comprehensive continuous integration methodology. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Peter Thiel. An efficient, user-friendly and fast method of software faults already are identified during the development phase and fixed provides essential bytes with continuous integration software developers. Continuous integration (CI, continuous integration”) is a term from developing software that describes the process of regular testing of software before it goes into production. While the developers save their changes to the software at least once a day in the versioning of the test system.

The continuous change of the system by more than one person runs the risk of side effects that are difficult to overlook. To these To detect errors as soon as possible and to be able to resolve, a continuous integration server performs automatic tests. This testing is carried out mainly at night, make sure to consider all the changes of the day. This exports the CI server the latest version of the application from the version control system and created a total system. Often, software errors are only detected in the productive operation. Error within a software always at a very early stage can be detected and fixed with continuous integration.

This increases the quality of the applications, downtime will be prevented and enormous costs”, explains Peter Geigle, Managing Director of essential bytes, the main advantages of continuous integration. Essential company provides continuous integration in conjunction with the CI Server Hudson and the PL/SQL and Java languages bytes. We support organizations that want to implement continuous integration, with a comprehensive range of services. Starting with the Design and implementation of the necessary software environment on the establishment of the necessary infrastructure to support the test cases and problems”describes the range of services Peter Geigle of essential bytes associated with continuous integration.