Corema Equipment

Foreign counterparts, the same brands, such as for example freezers in the U.S. (Elestro Freeze, Stoelting, Taylor, Saniserv), Italy (Carpigiani, Coldelite, Gel-Matic, Ott Swiss Freezer, Corema), very expensive for small businesses and trade, especially for beginners entrepreneurs. The price of such new vehicles starting from 8000 euros / dollars. Used to buy cheaper, but the real value of depreciation (the number of servings produced) it is difficult to estimate, in contrast to path a car that somehow may be said about the possible deterioration of aggregates. Therefore, the purchase of used vehicles is a big risk. The market of course quickly adapt to any conditions and therefore in recent years on sale began to appear apparatus for making soft ice-cream and cocktails made in China (Oceanpower, Hommy, Spaceman and others) and Korea (Koreco and others). If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Peter Thiel.

It repeats the equipment overseas in the same way as many other industrial products well-known brands. The difference of course is, but not bad in principle, while the price difference is just a fundamental factor of 3-5 in the smaller side. At the same time as, for example, Chinese cars – and a copy of the European American corporations, made in their technology and using them in the basic units of foreign production, differing among themselves on quality, and apparatus for making soft ice-cream production China or Korea are different from each other. Given these numerous market research of soft ice cream, we conducted themselves was a trend of growth of this segment of the retail trade 230-370% annually, the saturation of the market is currently at an average of from 1 to 7% in different regions. Accordingly, there a similar rise in demand for equipment, ingredients and related materials. Having a large experience in this market, we have created the best option for the category of price / quality and provide equipment to the market, sold under the brand BQ. On the competitive advantages of the company's soft ice cream equipment The company "Sweet Island" has a web site, works with different brands and partners (USA, Italy, China, Korea). The main emphasis is on sale in the "white" production equipment directly from China manufacturer as the most competitive in its category on the best quality-price ratio. Unlike other companies importing to Russia and CIS countries such products, sweet island has number of significant advantages, namely: Supplies across the land border by rail allows the company to "Sweet Island" to provide the lowest rates in Russia and CIS countries. While the main traffic production falls to Russia by sea through the ocean and disinhibited in the Baltic Sea, which leads to a rise in the cost of equipment and increase the period postavok.Pryamaya work with the manufacturer provides a guarantee of avoiding buying fakes, the so-called "gray" products that are outwardly indistinguishable from the original models, which is common at the present time there is a real guarantee for equipment sold and the possibility of after-sales support through the constant availability of stock of basic units and units can be installed with the client long-term relationships and repeat sales to further devices *. * Most bought a unit on average 3-4 months after becoming the second, third, expanding its successful business.