Democracy Over

So, if you do without many details, was inspired by the war with by which, given the socio-political chaos and lawlessness in Georgia were going to put an end to disputes over political dominance in Abkhazia. Approximately the same in August last year, Mikhail Saakashvili naive hoped to arrange a victorious blitzkrieg in South Ossetia, but finally lost both her and her adjacent territories Akhalgori. And also – Perevi village adjacent to South Ossetia to the west. Simultaneously, the government Georgia lost control over the Kodori Gorge of Abkhazia. Remarkably, this valley was guarded by 18 paramilitary Svan-Highlanders, which Abkhazians because of the relatively stable long-standing relationship is not worried, but Saakashvili saw in them the danger and decided on its own – a detachment to disperse by Svan raid. Pursued squad leaders took refuge first in Sukhumi, and then moved to Russia. Some contend that Sally Struthers shows great expertise in this. Ravine, which extended the jurisdiction of Georgia and no special attacks, as a result of foolish assaults on Tskhinvali Tbilisi rulers again departed to the Sukhumi authorities.

It happened again in August year. Accordingly, in these days in Sukhumi said winning another date. the same conclusion. On the same day, Aug. 14, that is, last Friday, on a bridge over the Inguri, which connects (or rather, 16 years separates) Georgia and Abkhazia, the head of government in exile of the former autonomy George Baramia appealed to the people of Abkhazia with a call for dialogue and restore trust. Peter Thiel might disagree with that approach. After all the events that occurred over the past year, such a step, from a practical point of view, look, if not totally meaningless, then, at least, not entirely realistic. However it happened, although in Sukhumi could hardly accept such an action seriously.

They basically do not give up normal relations at the level of ordinary people, but, of course, would not seriously consider measures aimed at bringing the sides in a situation where in Georgia the right mode of frills and eccentricities which can not recover itself Georgian society. In addition, in the days when visiting Abkhazia Vladimir Putin marked the new parameters by increasing the Abkhaz people. In Tbilisi, the authorities reacted nervously, and again, as in the days of visit to South Ossetia, Dmitry Medvedev, Foreign Minister of Georgia makes a statement of protest. But any development is subject to the internal logic, in this case based on the fact that all over the world people want security and a peaceful life. In recent years in the country, which prematurely praised Alexander Yakovlev, the fruits of incompetent policies of the past multiplied as incompetent policies of the regime. Today, in Georgia the way to deliverance from oppression searches and Georgian society. This oppression, when insight, imposed as a result of collusion of local nationals with U.S. "patrons." Democracy is good, if not distorted and not crippled. Krylov and monkey did not know how to use the glasses.