Development Plan

The development of the roller crusher has attracted more and more attention in recent years, and the development plan of this machine by Hongxing Machinery is set as follows: 1. This will be researched toward large-sized equipment. The technical application and popularization of the roller crusher have achieved significant results, and the equipment manufacturing companies in other countries have manufactured raw materials cement powder grinding roller crusher with the production ability of 510 tons per hour that is able to satisfy the clinker production line with daily output of seven thousand tons. We believe that we will research, develop and manufacture roller crusher with higher production ability in recent years with the advancement of domestic technology. 2 The structure of the roller crusher will be much simpler. The structure of the roller crusher is more and more large-sized, and the diameter of the squeeze roller will be bigger and bigger, and the choice of the width-diameter ratio should take into consideration the factors of the stability of the roller crusher and the border effect.Cement equipment: stone crusher plant: The driving system of large-sized roller crusher adopts double-driving and single-side arrangement method for the purpose of minimizing the coverage size. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Economist.

The squeeze roller adopts inserting pattern and the coat is composed of the wear-resisting roller part and is integrated with the roll shaft through mechanical connection for the convenience of repair, maintenance and roll changing. 3 Research of raw materials final grinding system. When grinding cement raw materials, if the final grinding system of the roller crusher is adopted, it will not only reduces the investment and fees and simplifies the technical process, but save more energy and resources, and the electricity consumption for unit final products will be reduced by about 40%. In addition, in the aspect of decreasing the metal abrasion, the final grinding system of the roller crusher is more economical than that of the ball mill system. This is the development tendency of the powder grinding technology and will get wide application in the near future.