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Lexfati srl, the digital industry book with special bonus offers its customers with information about business life offers an additional service. Chisinau, 10.07.2013 – Lexfati-srl class cares even after the conclusion of the premium on its customers, to survive as a company. Companies no longer get around to a presence on the Internet, YellowPages offered for this purpose Lexfati srl in the form of digital pages, such as the. Although the ways to increase its visibility offer tremendous opportunities, traders hesitate to make their industry on the Web. The customer reviews should be a reason for this, which mostly follow. A company falls on heaped negative in this evaluation form, the image is gone. Lexfati srl has described points, which can lead to customer complaints. But customer complaints are the one to do the other.

In Germany, a customer is quickly becoming the “beggar”. The consumer has a gun to defend themselves over the Internet. “Many companies see themselves often overwhelmed, if a customer complains”, explains the Managing Director Lascu Serghei. “Because we want to convey through the Web site. Our members find there valuable tips on how to deal with criticism,”Serghei continues. The visitor finds many useful hints, not to lose his clientele by incorrect behavior on Above all the rest is important here to preserve.

The customer is often put in such a situation and must be appeased. The premium customers by Lexfati srl further learn that we can use customer complaints to. If companies take complaints seriously and solve them, positive assessments on the forums are just the result. Lexfati srl has recognized this and introduces the businessmen on the basis of statements in the matter. The companies need to learn that customer complaints are no limit. Respond carefully and with understanding, that run best customer loyalty. It is the attention to the Info page by Lexfati srl on the subject thus makes sense, Customer complaints to be addressed.