But when if it deals with the emotional aspect, we still see, primitive forms to treat people, incapacity of donation, misunderstandings of diverse types, the human being of today is each more alone time, each more independent time of the other, however, generates a conflict, because we are sociable beings, we have necessity to share good moments and ackward, this conflict in them brings the diverse forms of psychological upheavals that we have that to externar of some form. These upheavals are a consequence of the internal suffering that we load, generated for the lack of complicity and affection of the present time, being thus, the neuroses, the alimentary depression, riots, chronic obsessive upheaval, among others, show that we must develop our moral aspect with urgency, that it does not decide to be intelectualizados and unprovided of noble feelings and human values, is necessary to understand to the other, in them to base of loving form our behavior, to be vigilant not to cairmos in the traps of the pride, that makes to think that we are above of the Divine wisdom and that we are better that the other. Before the Father we are all brothers. Let us have conscience that when we are joined and integrated ones to the others, we have the renovador power, we have the presence onipotente of the creator.

1 Passo? To interact with the nature, to observe as everything behaves to follow the time determined for each thing (nor always our time is correct), approach and respect for the animals, life only with the necessary one, without wastefulness. 2 Passo? To dominate its conscientious one, to make with that it stops to produce thoughts neurotics (to stop to hear the mind, to only observe without judging), to have productive thoughts. 3 Passo? To dominate and to hear its unconscious one, your thousand of ‘ ‘ eus’ ‘ , pride, vanity, covet, great power, etc., to detect feeling and to eliminate it. 4 Passo? To hear and if to acquire knowledge of its true essence its superconscientious one, your soul..