Dong Energy

Transparent energy on demand and cost control in the home – analysis software developed for Danish power company Dong energy Z-Wave Alliance member InterVideo, manufacturer of monitoring and security solutions, has developed smart a new reader on Z-Wave based. The device designed to transparently visualize the electricity consumption in private households for the consumer. NQ power reader is it easy to install in existing electronic or mechanical counter. The accompanying software widget designed for the Danish power company Dong Energy. Based on the Z-Wave wireless standard, the solution by homeowners or tenants can in your own home control network easily be integrated and networked with other Z-wave devices. The Z-Wave Alliance and InterVideo recently presented the solution under high audience interest on the 13 metering & Billing/CRM Europe in Amsterdam. The NQ 92021 power reader package consists of three parts: a battery-powered radio transmitter, a power meter reader and a USB receiver. The the consumption data are transmitted through the interplay of these three units to a PC and updated every 15 minutes.

On the PC, the NQ represents the information in the form of clear graphics power reader. By means of the corresponding Dong energy software widgets the consumer has always track its current as well as past time power consumption (displayed in kilowatt-hours). In addition, the solution monitors the CO2 emissions in the budget. In addition, the solution realtime measurements that are shed light about it, how much power every single device already consumed in standby mode. Electricity plan and match the power reader is also able to convert the calculated power consumption in the resulting energy costs (euro amount). Users can also enter an “annual budget” in the unit. This advances the Reader constantly in relation to the current requirements and indicates whether the specified budget after current at the end of the year exceeds or falls below is.