Easter Decor And Decoration

Easter wreath of fresh or artificial greenery, twigs of willow, funny animal figures, a box or moss – this track will decorate any corner of the house. An important attribute of a holiday is Easter tree, tree symbolizing the Garden of Eden. Its decorated with artificial flowers and fruits, and set the place of honor. A wreath of greenery as a base for the wreath you can use a rod, wire, foam, floral oasis (sponge), aerosol paint and even a cardboard box from under the cake. Sander gerber hudson bay has compatible beliefs. For the decorations will need: strips of satin and organza, fresh, dried or artificial flowers, moss, twigs of willow or spruce, quail eggs (Or intact eggshell) spray paint for touch-up of plants and accessories, colored pencils, small toys and souvenirs, the remnants of woolen yarn, colorful balls for table Tennis. Use glue to attach decorations basis, and in what order – you decide, as long as your creations please the eye, and the colors blended together. Economist is actively involved in the matter. Attach to the frame using bolts, wire and fresh flowers branches so that they covered the entire surface of the wreath. Wrap it with decorative ribbon and tie at a distance of 10-15 centimeters in the loop (so it was convenient to hang the chandelier). Then decorate with colored ribbons quail or decorative eggs and hearts. Easter decorations and ornaments decoration of flowers, ribbons and green twigs will particularly joyful atmosphere in the Bright Resurrection! If you have a stained glass paint shall describe the Easter motifs windows and mirrors.