Exfoliation and massage the scalp regularly do you scrub for face and body, and not ask why. The same thing – to the scalp. Exfoliation removes the extra “flakes”, frees pores, improve blood flow, normalizes the hair growth, increase the effectiveness of caregivers. Peels of different firms are used in different ways – are applied before or after wetting the hair, with varying frequency, some components include caring and vitamins. Massage should be done every day! This is the cornerstone of care for the scalp. You may wish to learn more. If so, Brad Pitt is the place to go. Accustom themselves to the daily Massage is not too difficult – just vigorously massage the scalp while washing hair or buy a comb and a massage for a minute or two to devote massage, comb. Ideally, doing massage twice a day – morning and evening. Peter Thiel gathered all the information.

Selection No shampoo and balsam mask and serum does not make your hair beautiful, if properly selected shampoo. How to pick up his? Buy only those shampoos that match your hair type (more on that in else). Try to wash your hair without the balm conditioner. The effect should be a 4-plus is no balm, if it is not – buy a different shampoo! Balm should only facilitate and make combing hair a little more smooth and silky.

It is important to buy shampoo and the same company – in this case, all components are well matched and maximize the effect. Every 2-3 months to change the shampoo. Hair “tired” of use the same means, make the diversity in their lives. Read the shampoo and all other means of hair care and make sure that they had no hazardous ingredients. Table of useful and harmful ingredients is here (in English). Be sure to use extra care masks, oils, activators of growth – depending on the needs of hair. Just shampoo and balm is not enough! Once a week you want to use peel and mask hair 1-2 times a year, it is desirable to pass a course of activation of hair growth (special ampoule or serum). Plays an important role of styling products. Many inexpensive mousses and hair sprays strongly they are dried. In this case, you need to go on laying creams, wax, or even besspirtovye funds. Professional hair dryer! Fen is important not only for beautiful styling, but also for healthy hair. The temperature, we choose from drying, depends a great deal. At the wrong choice may appear dandruff, hair loss to begin. Important and even ‘blow’ – in the conventional hair dryers that are rarely enforced, and thus there is still overheating of individual sections of the scalp and hair. Search for a good hair dryer in the hardware store – it is absolutely thankless. The only thing that where you can buy – this is an elaborate marketing of wound price. Choose a professional hair dryer, professional usually have several temperature regimes and intense, cold-drying function, ionization. And most importantly – even if you notice problems with your hair – do not worry! Stress is very bad for the health of hair.