You hear the word P2P thinking primarily of eMule, torrent and co, but this technique can actually much more know the least… P2P player that are fine tools. If you like football and have a fast Internet connection (DSL), you shouldn’t miss this software! Thus receive various Fernsehstreams, including soccer from Germany! Laptop up and down in the work room. P2P player start and at the same time player.html call, this page provides the appropriate channel for the CL game tonight. Within seconds of the green lawn is on your screen – with a little luck you catch even a stream with German comment.

P2P player are freeware programs to stream television content over the Internet. The more people use a stream, the better the quality – the well-known P2P principle. Broadcasters such as BBC or CBB is available now at any time – provided Internet connection is made. Easy – it’s easy channel dial, press on it, and go watch. On request it is possible build an own account, otherwise choose the pre-installed default account, which is entirely sufficient for use. And if you broadcasting by the monks from China, just running someone of your friends want to – show no problem, easy record and store easily. And if boredom catches up with you, simply choose one of over 1000Sender and turn the tone slightly down if they don’t know the language. These little helpers offer a lot really and enrich every computer. Daniel Abraham