Friendship Third Part

Because the main reason that made your relationship so close, the same MLM business would disappear. The truth is that I’ve discovered this little detail accidentally, inviting my friends at my house for a party. My friends in MLM and I have begun to speak without any problem of our MLM business, sharing experiences, opinions, stories and advice, my personal group of collaborators and I had a very close relationship, but my close friends who were not dealers in my MLM business, lifelong friends, acquaintances before the MLM business, saw no such interesting our discussions on our business, and they have started to say something but you know talk only about your MLM business, there is no other topic of discussion? And we tried that, but at the end the discussions scurried on the same subject, the multilevel, until my old friends are angry, they will have gone the party telling me to me, when you call your friends in business do not call me This reaction most of my close friends, thought me it a little rare, but at that time I have done him much attention, to not spoil the party. Finally, after it was the birthday of my son. Practical exercise: 1.

write the next phase in your workbook: friend is who tells me a truth in the face but do me cry 2. He meditates 10 minutes on this claim. 3 Write the names of your friends, and discusses how, to what extent are close friends or not. 4 Real, intimate friends respect even more, doesn’t mean that you don’t have to respect them more, because they are your friends, as if they have to withstand all your Caprices, good friends don’t have to strain them. At the end, leave me a comment on this article, your opinion is important to me. Corner of the wise: true friendship is the hardest thing to find and when it is already is what more we have to assess.-Anonymous thank you.