GDV HIS Connection For Insurance Undertakings

SoftProject offers the X 4 HIS direct access to the new information and information system from April 2011 is the new note and HIS information system provided the insurance companies. HIS stands in the future as online process to tackle insurance fraud and to the accompaniment of the risk assessment provided. Complete HIS-message size x 4 HIS X 4 HIS takes over the complete communication between the HIS online service and the respective back-end systems of the insurer. To import of the messages Excel files can inter alia be read and transmitted automatically to HIS. The communication module is divided into the areas of security/authentication, validation & fault management including repetition of messages. With X 4 HIS are reported the risk-relevant operations identified in the course of application and case processing and sent messages for requests to the HIS pool: the 5 most important features are this inquiry, reporting, search, hit list 1-n and the detail query. The solution is immediately and ready to use without programming effort and all functions are available directly after the installation. Connection of VU internal systems X 4 HIS already with a variety of adapters and mappings (mappings) on the new types of HIS message comes.

These include in particular: application information in the GDV – and BiPRO format GDV news in claims processing, such as damage messages (in GDV message types 005 etc.) Interface to standard products such as MS Office Excel, Outlook etc. A variety of adapters ensures quick integration: host connection, MQ, CICS, DB/2 informa insurance risk and fraud prevention GmbH familiar on X is 4 HIS new HIS in the future from informa insurance risk and fraud prevention GmbH, a company of arvato Infoscore operated. Here, X is 4 HIS already in the quality assurance process in use. X 4 HIS is freely scalable, easily to handle larger volumes of data and is available for almost any target platform (Windows, AIX, etc.). For more information, SoftProject and X 4 SoftProject supports companies in the optimization and automation of business processes for many years. With the business process management (BPM) platform X 4 thanks to preconfigured business processes solutions quickly implemented. X 4 serves as a central base for the networking of any IT systems. Employees, partners and customers are using adapters (such as EDI, SEPA, SAP R/3, PDF u.

v. w.) and comfortable user interface is integrated into the business processes. The clientele of SoftProject include insurance companies, utilities, banks, industry, logistics, trade and others. More than 250 national and international customers optimize their business processes successfully with X 4. Your contact partner: SoftProject GmbH Stefan Sihler head of marketing at the Erlengraben 3 D-76275 Ettlingen