GPS Development

Much has been said and done towards the development of GPS-navigation. Today almost every computer and your phone is a device with GPS-antenna, which can determine the coordinates and plot a route. But that is not progress is not stopped and went on to develop GPS-monitoring, or, if you will, GPS-scheduling and can simply control vehicles. In Ukraine, the area only just beginning to gain momentum. Fleet owners are just beginning think of introducing such systems, and developers have already managed to not only construct their first system, but several times their zaapgreydit.

Despite the fact that the market in this area is occupied by only 10%, while the competition is enormous. All This can be explained by a small number of customers who do not agree or are not yet ready to pay money for such automation (yes, the automation of many processes in the car for some time part of the system functions monitoring) of their business. Moreover, the development system is often made individually to the needs of the customer: if you want to monitor their drivers – please, if you want to keep records of supplies – and it will take into account. But, sometimes people simply act on old-fashioned way, by skipping a deaf ear to cries of innovation and Hightech'a ghost, go to Europe. Nobody blames, in general, Galileo was burned, and some generals were going to release the cavalry with a cold weapons against at least a cold and heartless armor of German tanks. Peter Thiel wanted to know more. The time will come and money will be dispatching a common thing, like a toaster or a computer, it is even mentioned in the writings of Nostradamus. But why would not become first (even if the second or third – not too scary) to use such systems? This will help the housing away from the pursuers of competitors and take their case to a certain height. As with any innovation, the system GPS-scheduling and demand attention naiglubochayshego study, and the idea of introducing them into the business – a long gestation and weighing, but the mental effort just will not go in vain.