It searched the peace, the harmony of silence in the black empty plaza between the stars. It enjoyed of the imponncia of being the negation of its certainties, of the certainties of that it is culture and spiritual, of that he is mstico and concrete, of that was said and of to it that was renegado to say to it. – Eye for the sky and not meeting no star. It thought sagacious child in high, high voice the sufficient so that even though it could share of its thoughts. – They Must have extinguished all why not them meeting in no part. was there, in a sad ecstasy, to aim a multicolor, black sky, without brightness, only the cloudy one of the total blackout that if mesclava with its mind changed back for the incompreenso. As much time was to search the stars that started to ache the neck to it, aiming for top, destendendo it for a sky that of it if hid. Soon it who as much the sky cultivated in its contemplations, was there, enraptured for the lack of stars, for the lack of brightness of the sparkling ones that without no reason they gave some reason to it, gave a little of alento and shelter to it of its cursed pensante head.

– God must have them extinguished of me as form of repulses what I am, to my property human being who it in such a way envies. It thought about its mstica arrogance in the belief of that wise person what she was human being. was there, during hours, perhaps days, to search and not to find. Search, word this that it would be part of its vocabulary in its total alive eternity, as well as the solitude would make, of lips given with it, changing oaths of perpetual love, one to the side of the other, one more gotten passionate than to another one, in an exchange of sad and solitary affections.