How Creditworthy Is Anyone Really?

Bring intellectual capital as collateral the borrower must make will he take out a loan, his person and his financial situation all important details about, because banks attach today more than ever value to minimize the credit risk. Credit can negotiations all the more successful, the better the parties about the credit know. I.e. the borrower itself should sit carefully on its own credit in the image and do everything to support these suitably transparent. Proofs of income, balance sheets, external information, land registry excerpts, good register extracts or information about accounting are required for individuals to verify the income and the financial situation of the banks and others.

All of this is already described in numerous places. Therefore it is features of the personal creditworthiness, which can be assessed only subjective and therefore are not directly comprehensible. It’s professional, technical and entrepreneurial skills of the borrower. It is even more difficult when it comes to personal characteristics of the borrower, that his trust as a person should be assigned (cf. Becker, Jorg: examination of the personal creditworthiness stable credit, 2010). Against the background of many good documents the negotiating position of the borrower could be weakened or even nullified, if he leaves a negative impression as a person.

Self-employed and entrepreneurs, stands or falls with the person that this makes a convincing and competent impression. Here therefore personal property factors and their accounting will be addressed, which may be ultimately decisive for the success of the credit business in addition to the usual standard forms of banks. To make matters worse for many entrepreneurs and self-employed, that they often at the hurdle of the Threaten collateral to fail. Because the defect in relation to the collateral required by banks is typical for their activities. Does this mean for these people, that he should therefore now take the shotgun in the grain without prospect of success? No, because just for them, there are so many opportunities to exploit any existing funding opportunities. Better still, it would be rather than to rely on State aid from third parties, again almost a step back on the stage of the examination of the personal creditworthiness to move. It could be quite so, mainly the subjective assessment area of the banks was still not fully exploited, that as in the mining in a mine here may still have completely neglected values are present. Values that are not in the income or security credentials, but only in the person of the borrower. It is absolutely not presumptuous to think that with a stronger shift to the soft”factors of intellectual capital, some running so far negative credit negotiations might yet be the positive can be used. Deals with possible instruments and procedures, a number of staff publications by Jorg Becker, so u.a with special rating portfolios in dynamic effect networks ISBN 978 3 8391 6418 1. What is not known to a Bank, can not therefore also take them into account in their decisions for granting credit? It must be, the parties so to be able to access even when subjective criteria on a possible transparent and mutually comprehensible as possible realistic image. Dipl.Kfm. Jorg Becker (