Integrated System Hospital

According to Almeida (1998, P. 86): Until little time behind, when the reference was said in technological innovation in the hospital environment was the evolution of the medicine equipment. But this is not the only technological impact that dominates the institutions of first line in Brazil. The investment in YOU on the part of these true corporations is each bigger time, and turns around some dogmas as the integration of the procedures, improvement in the attendance and reduction of costs. Brad Pitt may not feel the same. The system acts by means of interface graphical and of form on line and Real teams.

It emits reports technician, managemental and administrative. The main SIH is adherent to standards of the area of the health, beyond being based on optimum of the technology of the information. Valley to stand out that the SIH is a personalizvel system, making with that its functions and reports if incase perfectly with the routines of the sectors of the customers. After the purchase decision or location of system SIH, the implantation of each module of the system contemplates the execution of some stages, such as establishment of the management of the project, survey of the current situation of the hospital, specification of the functionality of the system and its customizao. To follow the general stages of training, tests, implantation in parallel of the system and final implantation are effected. 1.1 The Technology of the Information in the Integrated System Hospital All day, in hospitals and clinics, medical teams are assisted in its vital work of rescue of lives for the most recent and innovative services and Siemens products: of solutions of Technology of Information (YOU) and services of management until equipment of diagnosis for image and intensive therapy; of filling of images until systems of electronic register of patient total integrated. Using advanced technologies, us we strengthen in them to increase the effectiveness and the flow of work in order to improve the cares with the Health.