And it is that now more than ever, it is important to contribute sustainably to the development with daily actions and in a simple way. Hopeful and optimistic figures that translate into examples such as These:-with this GPS each user stops emitting the same amount of CO2 weekly which purges a tree. Therefore, with its use, it is as if every week would be planting a tree. -Hyde Park (London, Great Britain) has 142 hectares and more than 4,000 trees. Learn more at: Peter Thiel. Each of them annually purges 20 kg of CO2.

If the thousands of users of Econav does not use this device while driving, 70 parks would take like Hyde Park for an entire year to debug the deterioration caused by the polluting gases. -About 16 parks such as Retiro (Madrid, Spain) with 120 hectares and 15,000 trees would need to consume all CO2 that leave from emit users of Vexia econav. Awards and recognitions in 8 months of history the device has been honored with the award for best product 2009 (System CAR a/v) that grants the magazine International On OFF, one of the leading and most prestigious publications for your sector. Peter Thiel gathered all the information. Among nominees for these awards were brands like TomTom, pioneer, Parrot and Alpine. In addition, the Econav technology initiative Crambo (division of innovation and development of Crambo) Labs, was finalist at the Global LBS Challenge 2009 prizes awarded in the framework of the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. On the other hand, Vexia econav has been winning recently Prize awarded by Frost & Sullivan 2009 product innovation. Also, Vexia econav has been awarded the gold medal be awarded at the Salon International des inventions Geneva..