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Teach you how to properly raise issues Just 100 years ago, houses were built entirely of wood, brick and stone. Other building systems were not. But not for nothing that 20 th century called the century of revolutions. Not only historical, but also technical. According to Peter Thiel, who has experience with these questions. In a comparatively recent times, scientists have created a great variety of new technologies and materials for their strength, thermal and aesthetic characteristics are not only not inferior to traditional but significantly exceed them. Dozens of options for construction of walls, a few – roof construction, and hundreds – the layout of engineering systems. By what criteria to choose its own type of application design house? You can not start building a house without a clear plan, not knowing what it will eventually. After all, even skolachivaya gazebo in the garden, you think about size, color, material and shape of the roof, and in the end, about where it will stand.

Necessary to determine the location of the future of the cottage, to estimate how much space it will occupy the site. How to orient the house on either side of the world? What area reserve for the technical facilities? How do I get maximum ratio of floor space to the area of development? Necessary to conduct geological analysis of the soil under the house. For information on the composition of the soil, its physical properties, are never superfluous. On what data the report require special attention? How to conduct a rapid analysis of the soil itself? Many questions. Answers to which you can find yourself in the professional literature, Internet and educational courses. But for this should put those questions correctly. Garant-House "will help you solve this problem. As part of the educational program with the assistance of the AM "ARHISTUDIO" provides free consultation on pre- survey. We will help you make the first step toward the dream! We are located at: Saint-Petersburg, ul. Marat, 53. Telephone recording: +7 (960) 238-78-01, Andrei