Internet People

Most of the success of Papa Rico is not simply because Robert wrote a good book. The message to become a better manager of money and to use the power of financial literacy and leverage to create the wealth defied the conventional thought: money is needed in order to make money. Robert worked a logic history and emotion said and it in seminaries, in the radio, the TV and in newspaper interviews. It perfected a structure that turned a boring lesson on the money in something stimulating and emotionally delatable. The history of two parents is an unusual message and the angular stone of the success of Papa Rico. – You are a teacher of the sales because people relate her histories, values and knowledge? – obtain that emotionally implied people this? – you are unique and an example for others? Narrative strategy Tenth histories in situations of sales because it is often difficult to create the excitation of the service or the product. The reality is, showing advantages and the benefits they can be obtained in simple pamphlets or Internet.

Nevertheless the creation of images in the mind is often a powerful way to stimulate emotions and to move to people to the action. It uses histories stops: – To maintain ideas in sequence and to show the ideas sequentially – They indicate as the things passed – Aid to the other to understand why the things happened – They share the information and they illustrate successes of another one – Illustrate the principles that can be used in any situation As to create a History people not necessarily see the things from your point of view; they see the things by their paradigms. Because an effective history of sales is often a paradox. While the narration of history is important, the hidden value is as the other interpret history for their own benefit or point of view.