Italian Furniture

Pearl bath in the form of shells or black painted with gold bowls, one can pick up on the directories that you will be offered in specialized shops. Finishing materials most people prefer to choose a minimalist style and pale colors. Hilton Foundation pursues this goal as well. So, for example, German and "advanced" Italian factories completely passed on the production of exclusively white tiles. The main highlight of the "decor" are embossed designs and exquisite friezes. By the way the form of pictures, too, changed, replaced the flowers, vases and the man came "abstraction." "The Supreme chic" – colored paste made of nonferrous metal and polished wood. The most relevant material for today – glass. Does not really matter the color or texture. Using ceramics or accessories with inlays of stained, frosted or clear glass, you are bound to get into the top ten.

" In order to create true comfort in the bathroom, only one tile and sanitary ware is not enough. The time has come talk about the "little things necessary" – cranes, racks. Furnished our own bathroom "in style", it is better to forget about the plastic. Fans of unusual may opt for the extravagant bright red or green faucets. In the tone of them in metropolitan stores you can find a variety of shelves and hooks. Lovers of the classics should look at the enormously popular in recent chrome "glands", and other attributes "Vannogo interior. They may be self-colored or decorated with small silver-gold accents. But the favorite of the season, no doubt, is matte chrome.

New brilliant (literally and figuratively) touches on bathroom design will help make the original towel, combining practicality and elegance. Today you can order what you want towel sizes and shapes, which allows you to install them virtually anywhere. Michelle Smith Source Financial wanted to know more. In the production of these products serious companies use high-quality pipes clean stainless steel used in the food industry. And thanks to modern manufacturing technology takihKak equip bathroom towel, their lifetime is 30 years. Bathroom accessories also should pick up in accordance with the general style. The same rule applies and furniture. Releasing it into three main styles. True, to determine exactly what furniture is relevant and what is hopelessly outdated, difficult enough. This is a "rather strange" market segment. Furniture-makers do not take into the numbers of manufacturers of such sets, but they, too, to the plumbing in general, do not apply. That is why recent developments in furniture design for "apartments Moidodir" on any shows you will not see. Therefore, buyers must rely on your own taste and budget. Typically, this furniture is quite simple and is a cabinet with the "fit" in her sink. Varies by the number of such furniture drawers, dimensions, and, of course, design. Domestic factories manufactures bathroom furniture from MDF, chipboard or plywood, so it is relatively inexpensive. Another undoubted advantage of the domestic furniture – compliance with our realities. Its sizes range from 40 cm to 1 meter, so compact cabinets are placed even in the tiny bathrooms "hruschob. Can be found in Kiev and furniture stores of foreign production. However, she is generally quite bulky and roomy, often designed for two sinks, a huge mirror. Many manufacturers produce furniture for bathrooms and wall panels that are mounted above the sink. They consist of mirrors and shelves on the sides or bottom. Imported furniture, specially designed for use in bathrooms, made of specially treated wood-fiber panels, resistant to moisture. "Shik" is furniture made from natural solid wood with a water resistant coating. However, its price is sometimes simply "rolls over".