LCA Market

It is known that some manufacturers are scaling down production in the center and transferred to the regions. In addition, the pharmaceutical market actively in the process of mergers and acquisitions. And it is also an occasion for the release of staff. – Reduces whether in connection with the crisis of salary offers? – Employers believe that the crisis – a good time to attract more professionals, and offering them the same or lower wages. Candidates willing to mitigate their demands. According to our statistics, the decline in wages in the pharmaceutical market for some items up to 20-30%. There is evidence that the company also refuse to pay annual bonuses. At the same time, in fairness, it should be noted that some companies do not only do not worsen, but on the contrary, improve the compensation package. Naveen Selvadurai is full of insight into the issues.

– How do you protect employees’ wages from devaluation of the ruble? – Pharmaceutical companies, forming the payroll, usually to budget a certain percentage of salary increases based on the projected inflation rate. Today, some companies have this practice refuse. However, a number of Western companies promise to protect the wages of its employees from the inflation difference, even in times of crisis. We have no evidence that wages are fixed again in the currency as it was in the 90s. Here’s how that is the reverse process – it is a fact. In some companies, where salaries were still “tied” to the U.S. dollar or Euro and paid in rubles at the current exchange rate, setting the bar “inner” course.

Thus, employers insure themselves against currency swings and try to secure the payroll. – What happens to the social benefits? – Many pharmaceutical companies social package considerably thinner. The first thing cut, – health insurance. The process of rejection of LCA began in November and is widespread. Some employers offer employees to purchase insurance LCA at its own expense on corporate, lower than individual insurance rates. Company also refuse to grant for food, pay for tickets to the fitness club and other elements of the social package. – Your outlook on the situation … – According to our senses, in the spring some major changes in pharmaceutical market labor is not going to happen. The situation will evolve in the same vein: the company will continue to review its structure, streamline business processes, to steer a course to replace the less efficient employees more efficient, since the market now formed for this favorable situation. However, we can assume that the “sudden movements” associated with mass layoffs of staff, the market will not.