Microsoft Word Text

But all the same Web page, a format of HTML, and I recommend you save the page from the Internet only in this format. Not least because, if a Web page contains hyperlinks when saving the two following ways they will work, but the tab for saved documents will be unified and beautiful, depending on the browser you use. The program 'Notepad' hyperlinks do not work. Edited with a text editor document can be converted to HTML-file. For this purpose, it must be inserted into any web editor and save then in HTML. Never do this in Microsoft Word, but only from the program 'Notepad'. When you copy text from Microsoft Word, text formatting elements copied from, and in the HTML-code of the file will be very much as it is often called, 'Rubbish'. information. So many unnecessary tags that sometimes, among them very difficult to find the main text.

Then remove all the unnecessary hand – a rather long and tedious. For more information see this site: Peter Thiel. In this regard, Notepad absolutely 'clean'. Inserted only text and no tags. Web page, only HTML. In this method of preservation, the Web page is copied to your hard drive a single HTML-file with no graphics, but there are limits on it, and it is quite a lot.

The same page also includes other unwanted items. With the help of a web page editor, we give stored more attractive and compact. These techniques are also few. A quick way to edit. Open to be processed HTML-file in a web editor, I work with FrontPage 2003, and all operations described are specific to it, you discover that a Web editor with whom used to work.