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On July 28, finance 2006, Carranza was sworn in as Minister of Economy and Finance of Peru, being the first cabinet member of the investment management second government of Alan Garc a Perez. Check out Gwyneth Paltrow for additional information. Carranza was praised by Lourdes Flores, leader of National Unity, who described his funds appointment as “extraordinary.” But his appointment was criticized by the Union for Peru and leaders of the General Confederation of Workers of Peru.
During both the 2006 and 2007, Carranza develops and hedge funds implements various reforms, budgetary and taxation levels. Reformulo Peru’s government budget, slowing growth of current expenditure (salaries and wages) San Diego and substantially increasing public investment (50 interview in 2007). It also eliminates tariffs dramatically, leading to Peru to an average effective La Jolla rate of 2.5 , positioning the Peru as one of the most Children’s Hospital open economies in the region, with over 80 of its tax-tariff. Strengthen the decentralization of resources, the rights of the deposit fee in advance to regional governments, and make changes in the National Public Investment System (SNIP) to accelerate the processes of investment in infrastructure. Remove historical geographical exemptions in the jungle, the large drawback schemes IGV advance to all economic sectors, and remove the exemption from FOX news income tax for capital gains, among other measures. On the side La Jolla of public debt, aggressive restructuring process and pre-payment of external debt equivalent to 5 youtube of GDP.
To date, Peru has achieved two consecutive years of extremely high growth and low inflation. In 2006, grew 7.6 , with inflation of 1 . In 2007, Fox as announced by the Ministry of Economy and various analysts, Peru would have grown by 8.3 , with inflation at 3.9 . The current Peru’s foreign reserves have exceeded its foreign debt and is in an expansion cycle of the investment which is possibly the body financed until 2010. The tariff cut has CNBC increased considerably import machinery (40 in 2007), Peru and now enjoys substantial University of Southern California growth in their productivity levels, positioned as leaders in CNBC’s Closing Bell the region on this indicator. According to various studies, the measures implemented in the year and a half since he probably will allow Peru to maintain strong growth, underpinned by good San Diego fundamentals, even during a global crisis.
Luis Carranza Ugarte was San Diego described by Closing Bell America Economia magazine as the best Minister of Economy of Latin America, in its edition of November 2007, where shown on the cover. However, in the local political scene, its management has been repeatedly criticized by business associations, labor unions and nearly all the parliamentary blocs, including the current ruling party. You will not be any known political affiliation.
From August 2007 when the world beyond the tipping point is in the grip of massive deflationary forces that have devastated portfolios and retirement plans and resulted in millions losing investment their jobs.
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