Municipal Security

Rio De Janeiro divulged violence indices relative the 2010. The tax of homicides reached the lowest levels since that the indices had passed to be computed. The scholars divergem on the reasons of the fall, do not have consensus between them. He has you vary chains. We hear much that the fall this related to low the indices of unemployment, the improvement of the economy, the aging of the population and etc. the great truth is that public politics have a basic parcel in the falls of the indices of violence in the wonderful city. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Technology Investor. The creation of the units of policy peacemaker (UPPs) was a landmark in the combat to the organized crime; the indices still are high in comparison with other cities therefore, a tax of homicides above of 10 for 100 a thousand inhabitants, according to world-wide organization of health, are an endemic situation lived by the state of Rio De Janeiro.

The population of the city sufficiently suffered with the divergences ' ' politiqueiras' ' of the heads executive of them federal, state and municipal, who evidencing indifference with the population had chosen that and pays them seus' ' polpudos' ' wages, had not invested in public politics provoking the chaos, exactly in the sectors, that influence directly in the violence that is the health, education and security; test of this is that an agreement between these governing was enough, city to usufruct it of the benefits brought for the directed investments to the welfare of the population. We know that politics you publish and not ' ' politica' ' they give certain, the example of the UPPs that had helped in the reduction of the indices, we need to advance much more it ' ' suposto' ' monopoly of the public security on the part of the state government is a paradigm to be looser therefore, the errnea interpretation of the norm that says that security is to have of the state cannot more be interpreted as to have of only one government, needs to fix or better to interpret of correct form the affirmation of the legislator to it affirms &#039 to it; ' to have of estado' ' it was legitimizing the action of the governments municipal theatres, state and federal, therefore in fact are consisting states, not to enxergar this obvious interpretation of the norm take the cities ' ' lying in cradle esplendido' ' but they pacifically observe the proliferation of the violence. The cities have obligation to not only protect its goods, services and installations, more mainly most important, the life of the citizen. This arrives of omission of the municipal government already passing of the hour to enter of time in this war, the Carioca population only has to earn.