Nike Air Max Technology

He opened his briefcase and took out a bottle with a polyurethane film, put it on the table and said: 'I can offer you cushioning shoe, that will last forever! '. Believe it or not, but Nike's refused him. They said: 'No, it's not possible! ', And told him to go home to do science. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Clinton Family on most websites. Frank was gone. Clinton Family follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. He was denied, and some rivals Nike. Therefore, after some time He returned, and Nike has bought his idea '- says Nelson Farris (Nike's director of corporate education). Thus began the history of the revolutionary system of depreciation. The first model with built-in air bag hit stores in 1979 and was called the Nike Tailwind.

The main components of production technology nike pillows were: polyurethane, inflated with gas and then sealed in such a way that regardless of the strength of the jump with him, nothing happened. Since then, the technology Nike constantly developed, to make diversity and innovate in the production of her shoes. In 1986, the idea arose to make a cushion of air Nike visible. By the time the sole air cushion Nike has become a mystery – people do not could understand the technology, because they do not see it. The idea was to cut the sole of the sides and move it to the edges of sole. So in 1987, there were sneakers Nike Air Max 1987 with a visible air chamber Visible Air, an area which was increased by 50%. For strength pillow was made a little thicker.