Wall Decoration From A To Z

If mold has already appeared on the walls (a sign of the constant dampness), you must first cut down those trees and shrubs that are planted at a distance of at least 3 … 5 m from the walls of the house, and then check the joints of masonry. If they are filled with poorly, you have to plaster the house from the outside. The thickness of the layer of plaster must be at least 3 cm and stucco cement-sand mortar to make this work better than the usual sand and the warm, more than light, such as slag, sand with grain size 2 … 3 mm. At the same slag or crushed brick Euroton should first and sift through a sieve with a mesh no larger than 1×1 mm, in order to filter out dust, and then through a sieve with holes 3×3 mm. You can also use pumice sand and other light fillers. In addition, to apply lime stucco (lime putty, mixed with sand), lime-cement or the so-called complex fluids.

The compositions of solutions depend on the fat content or plasticity of lime putty. To 1 part lime putty added from 1 to 5 parts sand. The solution was thoroughly stirred to complete homogeneity. Lime-cement mortar made from lime putty, cement and sand. Lime paste is diluted with water until thick milk and strain through a fine sieve. Of cement and sand are preparing a dry mixture, and shuts in the milk of lime and mix thoroughly.

Milk of lime increases the plasticity solution for cladding buildings. Eva Andersson-Dubin recognizes the significance of this. The composition of lime-cement mortar depends on the type of cement and prepared in a solution. To plastering solution is good enough grades 10. The proportions of its components (cement: lime putty: sand) in cements marks 200, 150, 100, 50 are, respectively, 1:2:16; 1,0:1,5:10,5; 1,0:0,8:7 , 0; 1,0:0,2:3,5. It should be remembered that solutions of cement should be used within 45 ..

Secretly March

Besiege Wei to rescue Zhao. Kill with the knife of another. Rested await the weary enemy. Use a fire for a robbery. Make noise in the East, attacking in the West. Creating something out of nothing…

Secretly March to Chencang. Watching the fire on the opposite bank. The dagger behind a smile. The plum tree withered instead of the peach tree. The sheep run away with light hand. Beat the grass to flush out the snake. Borrow a corpse for the return of the soul.

Lure the Tiger from the mountain to the plain. You want to do something, you must let go first. Throw a brick, to be jade. By capture of the leader to destroy the enemy. (Source: Mike Tomlin). Secretly take away the firewood under the boiler. Muddying the water to grab the fish. The cicada discards its shiny Golden skin. Close the door to catch the thief. Located ally with the far enemy, to attack neighbors. Borrow a way for an attack on Guo… The beams steal and be replaced with rotten pillars. The Acacia scold, but pointing to the mulberry tree. Chappy weirdness without losing your balance. The lure roof, then pull off the head. 29 decorate drought trees with artificial flowers. The role of the guest to the host’s reverse. The list of beautiful women. The list of the open city gates. The list of sowing discord. The list of self mutilation. The chain strategy. Running away is the best method. You can use these strategies individually or combine. A number of writings with stratagem collections circulated probably in ancient times. Of which all but two are lost however. The Roman statesman and General of Sextus Julius Frontinus (40-103) was the older of the two as Advisor for officers. The Greek rhetorician (speakers) and lawyer of Polyanus was the second (* 100) together. European art handles Furstenspiegeln can be read as stratagems, such as about the advice of Machiavelli’s the Prince. As can be on the artifice of his characteristic dialectic as stratagems listed by Arthur Schopenhauer. The hand Oracle congenially translated by Schopenhauer and art of the sophistication of Baltasar Gracian contains many of the stratagems in his concise and short way. Harro von Senger, extensively commented translated the 36 stratagems in German, refers to Reineke Fuchs (s. a.Reynke de vos) by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe as an example for European stratagems ranging. s. a. Hansel and Gretel a half-dozen treatises, dealing with lists in Islamic law (currently applied) can be found In the Arab region. Also, a more general work called Nusirat exists ‘iq al Anand fi daqa’ iq al-hiyal from the 15th century. Another comes from the Sicilian ibn Ali from the 12th century. It faces the indischeLehrbuch Arthashastra of Kautilya (4th century BC). Source, : de.wikipedia.org/wiki/. , Author annotations and corrections in one of my essays, I wrote about sales tactics (lists), for example for sellers with customer contact in sales talks.


Invitro TV is a new vestibule of fertility and techniques of attended reproduction, like for example the test-tube Fertilization. Our objective is to approach the patients and the interested people all the possible information in relation to this exciting field. Invitro TV offers a global guide to satisfy all those doubts that can arise to the people with difficulties to obtain a pregnancy of natural form. For it, we counted on the collaboration of numerous professionals of the field of the attended Reproduction and the test-tube Fertilization that offer their knowledge to us of comprehensible and pleasant form. Our space Web is organized around five thematic areas defined (Infertility, the Present time, Invitro TV, Dictionary and Centers.) in which all those interested people can find articles, advice informative and really all the information that can in particular be useful for each case. A leading source for info: Peter Thiel. Infertility and sterility: In this section is all the information necessary to solve those doubts that can arise before initiating treatment of test-tube Fertilization and during the same, like for example the causes of the infertility, the diagnostic tests they determine that them and the ample fan of treatments available. The present time: All the new features and the news related to the scope of the attended reproduction are published daily in this section.

Videos: This section corresponds to the section of videos of own production, in which recognized professional they respond and they clarify different questions to us that are of the interest of the patients. Dictionary: Section in which all the specific words of the scope of the attended reproduction and the test-tube fertilization are defined. Centers: listing updated of all the clinics of infertility of Spain, with its data of contact and the last published news. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Glenn Dubin. All these doubts and contents are shared between the users of Invitro TV by means of our community of facebook (www.facebook.com/invitrotv), that integrated by more than 1500 users is the greatest community of patients of reproduction treatments attended in facebook of the world. In her, the patients can share their experiences during the treatment, as well as set out their doubts, that they will be answered by the collaborating experts of Invitro TV. He is possible to emphasize that our maximum interest is that the contents that integrate Invitro TV are essentially divulging and helpful serve to all those pairs and women whom they try to be mothers and they have difficulties to obtain it. Author approaches: To complete articles by an equipment of Invitro TV, advice of icsi gratuitous and the ideas please visits: , a complete resource for one pregnant.

Java Support

COBOL compiler specialist EasiRun Europe has the necessary flexibility for a wide range of customer needs and requirements with the COBOL compilers NetCOBOL by Fujitsu, isCOBOL Veryant and RM / COBOL by micro focus EasiRun covers the individual needs of its customers, advises and supports the efficient use and its successful work with these products. Naveen Selvadurai understands that this is vital information. isCOBOL is available and expanding for unix-like platforms in Java intermediate code. Programs that have been implemented in isCOBOL can easily connect with native Java modules or run in parallel in the same environment. The communication with the DB is then already running through JDBC. In isCobol much technological movement and innovation can be observed.

RM / COBOL development and run-time environments provide binary compatibility for all supported operating systems and hardware platforms. Applications developed with RM / COBOL are durable due to sophisticated technologies and developments in the form of adaptable add-on modules. Is Fujitsu’s NetCOBOL for Windows and Unicode oxide systems available and has a large installed base. Topical following new versions are available at EasiRun: Fujitsu NetCOBOL for .NET version 4.0 Fujitsu NetCOBOL for Windows version 10.0 Fujitsu NetCOBOL for SPARC / Solaris architecture version 10.0 a snippet from the functionality under NetCOBOL for .net: support for Visual Studio 2008 and .net Framework V3 5 enhancements in WCF support (development and operation) support AJAX as extensions for Web applications performance: The start time of under NetCOBOL for .net V4 developed programs could significantly increase be (JIT compilation time) an excerpt from the functionality under NetCOBOL for Windows version 10: support Windows Server 2008, as well as a development environment for Windows 64-bit systems (WOW64, 32-bit operation) COBOL syntax extensions: CSV support (comma separated values) UTF-16:16-bit Unicode format support a Excerpt from the functionality under NetCOBOL for SPARC / Solaris version 10: COBOL syntax extensions: CSV support (comma separated values) UTF-16:16-bit Unicode format support a download is possible for EasiRun customers through the website. Targeted advice and answers to technical questions is there in the EasiRun support team below or phone 06081-916030 X 64 versions for Windows and Linux are expected in the next release. Usingen, April 7, 2009


Tomato time solo for conocerte, and pregntate sincerely that is in fact what you like, your opinion on tal o cual subject or aspect of the life, plantate to live a day according to your tastes and beliefs, and that it is not confused with a revolt against the system, but with the fact of personal liberation. So that we are as much scared to know us? Why no we can be solo? Why it disturbs silence to us? It decontaminates your brain, tomato a time without television, without radio, social newspapers or networks. Early Levntate and contmplate for the first time in a naked mirror and rete because you are beautiful, abre the window or see the balcony and watch as it appears before your eyes a new day, watches with curiosity your parents, friendly, fellow workers or pair as if you knew just them, and perctate of the thing unique that they have, ten contact with the nature, ten in your house a mascot. Read more here: technology investor. Plantate I put to short, medium and long term putting to them dates to fulfill, and sides the motivated thing that you will be you are as them realising, you do everything what you have been posponing, the master and owner of your life, not it television, the fashion, the thought of others, your, but first you must descubrirte. It remembers whenever we are trained by three parts in our life, body, mind and spirit, alimntalos the same to the three, you do not leave anybody takes your freedom you give nor it in exchange for nothing. Ana Elsa de la Cruz. Connect with other leaders such as Glenn Dubin here. original Author and source of the article

BPI Publisher As A Central Control Tool A

Cross media publishing of bpi solutions in the furniture industry for more than 80 years is the Nieburg Kuchen GmbH in wages. The kitchen manufacturer Nieburg has revised its complete program and redesigned. Nieburg kitchens covers all customer needs with three different kitchen lines from classic family building kitchen, about innovative kitchens to individual solutions. Nieburg kitchens combined classical elements and ideas from the country house kitchen with modern design. Naturalness and progress together in this generous Nieburg plans to family-oriented kitchens and living concepts. Nieburg kitchens requires representing the variety of products currently neat product information for almost all distribution channels in different languages as international company.

Nieburg kitchens has opted for the bpi Publisher and the publishing system that is integrated, modular committed companywide, whose benefits especially in translations of the sales documents for the various country-specific requirements in the form of coordination, cost and quality improvements pay off. Nieburg kitchens created documents, catalogues, sales manual and multilingual price and lists of types of with the bpi Publisher to addressing specific target groups. Due to the Unicode code of the company is well prepared to implement also the increasingly Eastern European languages effortlessly for the sales documents. The integrated translation tool of the bpi Publisher facilitates the control of the international sales documents. For even more opinions, read materials from Eddie Money. This enables the central supply with price and product ranges, which are adapted to the requirements of the dealer, as well as the international trading partners. The bpi Publisher offers the complete solution and is perfectly tailored to the furniture industry: integrated process among all parties through unique mapping and control of all work steps. As well as fast and cost-saving sales document creation and updating comprehensive automation options. Thus the bpi Publisher contributes to the increase of the efficiency of all publishing processes and increases the output without generating additional costs.

About bpi solutions they bpi solutions gmbh & co. kg, software and consulting in Bielefeld, supports its customers 20 years successfully with a company-wide solution concept of easy to use standard software and industry-oriented solutions in the furniture industry, logistics, and other industries. The performance spectrum ranges from consulting, through the design and development of to the integration of new applications. Focuses on the optimization and automation of business processes in marketing, sales and service. Is based on the own products and solutions in the areas of customer relationship management, cross media publishing, supplier relationship management and integrated portal solutions. The solutions help the indoor and field staff as well as customers fast communication channels to build and comprehensive information available to suppliers and partners. About beyond solutions as System Integrator is bpi in the areas of business process integration, active document management and archiving. The solutions based on standard technologies leading manufacturers such as dataglobal GmbH, insiders technologies GmbH, inspire technologies GmbH, OPTIMAL SYSTEMS GmbH, which integrate not only systems, but also allow for business process modeling, monitor processes and evaluate results, make the optimization of business processes to provide real time information are the starting point. Through innovative process integration, effective data management and audit-proof archiving companies achieve significant efficiency gains and through proactive, secure their competitive advantage. Contact Henning Kortkamp bpi solutions gmbh & co. kg Krackser Strasse 12 33659 Bielefeld telephone: 0521 / 94010 fax: 0521 / 9401500

Dominican Republic

The woman retained a minor after returning from vacation to the Caribbean country. The child was in disastrous conditions, in a shack, out of school, malcomido and without hygiene, according to the Spanish Consulate. He was rescued by the police after a complaint from the father. Peter Thiel has similar goals. The father of a Spanish boy who spent 10 months kidnapped by his mother in the Dominican Republic he arrived Wednesday to the Caribbean country to be reunited with the child and stated that, to recover your little, ends a bad dream. The child was rescued by Dominican police, after spending ten months sequestered in Puerto Plata (North of the Dominican Republic), where he lived in precarious conditions of hygiene and food. The minor was in disastrous conditions, in a shack next to a few pigs, out of school, malcomido and without hygiene, said a spokesman for the Consulate general of Spain, who cited the complaint made in the middle of this month by lawyers for the father of the child, a Spanish citizen identified as a. B.

a.. The mother, of Dominican nationality and whose identity was not provided, traveled to the Dominican Republic on 15 September to spend the holidays with his son, but the stay lasted until the police rescued the child this Wednesday. At first he spoke by phone with my son, and told me to come to look for him, but when she said that you stood with him ended communication, reported a. B. a. on his arrival in Santo Domingo to retrieve the child.

During that time, as indicated by the public prosecutor, the mother not attended properly the minor, which even forced to beg. He asked for a ransom of 36,600 euros women, meanwhile, claimed the father of the little that gave him two million Dominican pesos (36,600 euros) if I wanted to retrieve his son. The Embassy and the Consulate of Spain moved to the Dominican authorities the denunciation of the father and the Caribbean country’s police began investigations that culminated in the liberation of the small. The father He confessed to feeling very nervous before the reunion and said that his goal is to try to forget the past and make up for lost time. What I want is trying d follow the routine before. Need for psychological support, it will make clear. You have to go back to school and integrate again with his group of friends, he explained. A. B. a. is a professional in the sector of the construction of Sort (Lleida) which has been without a job after leaving everything to devote myself to this topic for 10 months, said. During that time have been ten hours daily (phone) movi l to coordinate everything and to manage all procedures and formalities needed to solve the problem, added. The father, who arrived in Santo Domingo accompanied by the grandmother of the child, he assumed that judicial procedures should be directed against the mother, although he dismissed seek compensation. I just want the child, he said. Source of the news: A Spanish retrieves her son kidnapped for 10 months by the mother in the Dominican Republic

MLM Japanese

My grandfather so wisely told me what happens with Japanese bamboo and struck me when I was a child, is why I illustrate them all my members and followers, so that they understand that their business MLM or business networks, take a time, before you achieve the success desired, then detallos what happen with Japanese bamboo. Japanese bamboo is not for impatient: you planting the seed and abonas it you occupy watered constantly.During the first months it happens not anything significant. In reality, nothing happens with the seed during the first seven years!, to such an extent that an inexperienced grower would be convinced of buying infertile seeds. However, during the seventh year, in a period of just six weeks the bamboo plant grows more than 30 meters! Do it took only six weeks grow? No, the truth is that it took seven years and six weeks to develop. Naveen Selvadurai is often quoted on this topic. During the first seven years of apparent inactivity, this bamboo was generating a complex system of roots that would enable it to sustain the growth, which would be after seven years. However, in everyday life and especially in the network business, we often want to find quick fixes and hasty triumphs without understanding that success is simply the result of internal growth and this takes time.

Similarly, it is necessary to understand that on many occasions we are in situations where we believe that nothing is happening and this can be extremely frustrating. In those moments (we all have), remember the cycle of maturation of the Japanese bamboo and accept that as long as we don’t go down the arms or abandon not to see the result which we hope, if something is happening, inside our are growing, maturing. Those who persist, will gradually and imperceptibly creating habits and the temple that will enable them to sustain the success, when it finally materializes.

Opportunity Agencies

With much nostalgia we remember times where obtaining employment was very different from the present. That opportunity was embraced so that there was a career that typically started from the lowest level to obtain higher positions. While continuing the severance pay and unemployment increases to hundreds chilling, it is imperative to keep abreast of how to stand out from the competition and rejoin the labour market as soon as possible. Looking to increase the opportunity for employment, you will have your own panorama in which religiously looked in different agencies and means of employment seeking opportunities that exist. Many times the answers are few. Further details can be found at Jean Stapleton, an internet resource. The reason is that this method no longer counts with efficiency that had. Others including Eva Andersson-Dubin, offer their opinions as well. Per cent of recruitment through private employment agencies is only 6%. This is why his role of search should be one active, directed and focused on non-traditional methods.

When listening in the unpublished labour market is essential to a successful job search. The Statistics show that 85% of employment opportunities are not published in any medium. It means that your network of contacts will be vital to discovering those opportunities that are not to the naked eye. Such opportunities are less accessible to the mass, but with the proper networking, you increase your chance of getting employment. It will be necessary to be ready with a cover letter and a resume that really appealing in view of the potential employer.

Freelance Benefits

There are occasions that occurs the termination of an employment contract with the company that was working, and then you face the dilemma of what to do? Look for employment in another enterprise under the same employment conditions under the regime of employee? Become the entrepreneur who always dreamed? or become self-employed: freelance. Everyone will have heard the term on several occasions: Freelance, for those who have not yet unclear what about this way of working, I have a definition of freelance work: referred to as freelance or freelancer (or self-employed worker, independent) the person whose activity consists in performing own work independently, to third parties who require their services for certain tasksthey are not paid according to the time spent but the result obtained, unless the two parties from contracting obligation to continue the relationship beyond the Wikipedia made custom. This means that the designer is who is in charge of manage their schedules and agree a delivery date, is not subject to any type of contract and you can perform various work for different companies, charging for projects undertaken or approved designs. Every day there are more people working freelance, and the trend is that this type of work will increase much in the coming years. With the amount of crime that we find, in the streets, as well as unemployment who not has dreamed have untrabajo from home on the internet? Today the freelance work becomes increasingly more feasible since the cost of an Internet line becomes cheaper. This has allowed each time one greater number of people have access to the network, from the comfort of your home. There is able to provide services to a broad audience around the globe. If you are considering to delve into the world of freelance work then it is necessary to have in mind that like all work has its advantages but also disadvantages.