The Mind

They affirm the specialists in the substance that one has lain average normal has of 50.000 the 60,000 daily thoughts. But, for the most part of the time, you it is not conscientious of what it is passing in its mind. When it only wants to stop all these uncontrolled horses that are the thoughts, when only wants to leave to think about its fears or in its concerns it is that it reflects on this. Almost never it contemplates its mind to see what it is happening, or perhaps it does not make it because already it knows what it happens. Probably, it has fear. Tom Waits pursues this goal as well.

Therefore the people have fear to be alone and look company during the twenty and four hours of the day; they want to meet with its friends, to go to some place or any another thing and if does not find to nobody, they will start to read the periodical or they will hear radio or summer the TV. Nobody wants to be alone, because how much is alone, starts to discover its true state. The state of the mind of the man is as a full creeps of insects: thoughts and more thoughts giving returns and returns. Encircled of these thoughts, the man lives full of anxiety, tension and concerns. To recognize and to know the life, the necessary mind to be in silence, as a lake without waves.

To make familiar itself to the life, the mind has that to be so clean as a mirror without dust. But the majority of the times the mind seems a beehive of bees: it is not a mirror nor a quiet lake. If you find that she can be capable to know something with a mind thus, if believe that she will be capable to arrive something or to become themselves into something, or to find its peace interior with one has lain thus, is deceived.


The highest probability usually occurs with own names, followed of the common ones and, finally, the verbs and adjectives. From the theoretical point of view, a general agreement exists from the conexionistas models (MacKay and Burke, 1990) like from the serial models (Levelt, Roelofs and Meyer, 1999) of which the problem is a failure in the fonolgica activation once the corresponding semantic representation activates. The Browns and McNeill (1966) devised an experiment in which the phenomenon through the presentation of definitions of little frequent words studied which the participants had to answer with three written answers: they knew the word, they did not know it they knew, it but they did not remember. The results of their investigations demonstrated that, in a state of PL, the speaker it owns information on the word that does not guess right to recover, especially the initial and final letter, the number of syllables and the position of the main accent, which demonstrated that the lexical recovery is not realised from the whole or anything, in a unique step, but they exist, at least, two types of differentiated mental representations: fonolgica information and semantic information, and whose access also corresponds to processes differentiated. Connect with other leaders such as Peter Thiel here. The conexionistas models propose the cerebral and neuronal metaphor to us that explains the mental process of lexical access through neuronal networks composed of nodes and connections between these nodes. According to this model, the units of used words most frequently are contectadas of closer form with the level nodes inferior, as the fonolgicos and orthographic characteristics. Thus, when a node activates or a connection takes place, the activation is going away to propagate in all the directions, being increased all the representations that looks like visual, fonolgica and semantically to the looked for word. On the other hand, whenever a word is processed, the connections corresponding to this word (McClelland are fortified and Rumelhart, 1981), reason why one of the important aspects for this model would be the frequency of the word, which would do that the words of high frequency would not be susceptible of PL, whereas those of low yes they would be it, because its model advocates a central importance to force of the connections (to greater frequency of use of word, stronger connections, less risk of PL).

Reto Jaeggi

With Enomic calculation as calculation tool Entris got a scalable and flexible customizable pricing tool”, so j. The calculation of products, projects and costs has become easier and more precise.” MS Excel was very error-prone and in everyday unworkable in the past including the rebates to customers and the combinations of the over 500 service products have heavy block pricing. MS Excel, which however was very error-prone and impractical in everyday life for the extensive costing served previously as a tool. The one because the spreadsheet access to an employee is limited, although several users need to edit the Excel sheet at the same time. On the other hand, the work and the changes of the different employees using the spreadsheet were not transparently documented. The sequence were creeping up errors like for example incorrect figures due to incorrect links. In these cases the main Excel file could be restored from the backup copy.

However, the question remained then about the status of this version of the file. Often had to changes be entered again manually, because the updates of over the past hours in the backup copy is not taken into account. A further error stove often was the merging of data from Excel, Word, and ERP. The calculation data for the calculation had to be regularly imported from ERP inventory system. The file was not automatically connect about macros, to automatically import the numbers for pricing.

The manual import was time consuming and often imperceptibly destroyed the links, the format requirements or the layout in table cells. Also the development of products and their pricing with considerable effort and corrections was connected with this way of calculation with Excel. As well a few months ago, a comprehensive System migration was imminent and that over 500 products should be newly assembled and recalculated in terms of prices and costs, the consistent decision: an essential pricing tool should be introduced and optimize the entire spreadsheet. Pricing procedures facilitate pricing with Enomic calculation is now a comprehensive spreadsheet solution available Entris banking. So the software covers every service performance in terms of their cost and calculated as a product in its price with different factors depending on the combination and composition with other services. Here, marlon brando expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In addition, additional costs as calculation data are deposited, which are taken into account in the pricing of the products as supplements. The same applies for rebates to customers, which are deposited as a model, so that they are available for pricing as discounts available. The basis of this calculation are as different deposited pricing procedures that facilitate managing and the handling of the cost estimate. In addition, she works Costing at first as a simulation, so that she can be examined only extensively before it actually comes to the application. In this way Entris banking can easily calculate new products and introduce faster”, the former product manager Reto Jaeggi is pleased looking back. “Another advantage: the entire data maintenance can Entris automatically assume, without being dependent on the support of the Software House.” Controlling and marketing get targeted reporting about customers and products. These business reports are generated directly from the present data and thus reflect a current picture. On this basis, the company can determine now still more meaningful key performance indicators and make more informed decisions. Conclusion Entris banking awarded Enomic calculation a central tool for the reliable calculation of its proven individual calculation scheme. After the implementation period of only three months, showed that the precise and fast calculation reliable Ensures results in dramatically reduced time. More information at

Information Transmission

Secondly, in this case the customer needs rather expensive apparatus, and you want to connect GPRS, having made the appropriate settings on telefone.Takoe number of conditions is a major constraint to the development of this model today. Mobilny banking plays familiar for the youth system of communications. The vast majority of push-services implemented on the basis of SMS, because their main task – to timely report information to the client. For pull-service is increasingly used different channel Information Transmission – GPRS / EDGE. Harrison Ford contributes greatly to this topic. So, obviously, for maximum dissemination and adaptation of mobile banking today to best create services based on SMS, considering, of course, the prospects of Java technology and mobile Internet, because their time in Russia is not far off. Is it worth ovchinka candle? But we should not, however, perceive mobile banking solely as a tool for managing customer accounts.

Mobile services have always been directed not only for the implementation of useful options, but, due to peculiarities of mobile communications for personifitsirovanie communications with a specific user. Mobile phone – a device with which people today just to break up during sleep. Therefore, the mobile services to give the bank also a unique opportunity to study their customers. Due to the fact that the implementation of mobile banking service provider is involved, whose competence includes the creation of mechanisms of interaction between bank and customer through the cellular network, the bank may, for example, to collect statistical data or alert the target customer groups. Let's say the bank has formed a certain group consumers who pay with cards buying home appliances.

Secretly March

Besiege Wei to rescue Zhao. Kill with the knife of another. Rested await the weary enemy. Use a fire for a robbery. Make noise in the East, attacking in the West. Creating something out of nothing…

Secretly March to Chencang. Watching the fire on the opposite bank. The dagger behind a smile. The plum tree withered instead of the peach tree. The sheep run away with light hand. Beat the grass to flush out the snake. Borrow a corpse for the return of the soul.

Lure the Tiger from the mountain to the plain. You want to do something, you must let go first. Throw a brick, to be jade. By capture of the leader to destroy the enemy. (Source: Mike Tomlin). Secretly take away the firewood under the boiler. Muddying the water to grab the fish. The cicada discards its shiny Golden skin. Close the door to catch the thief. Located ally with the far enemy, to attack neighbors. Borrow a way for an attack on Guo… The beams steal and be replaced with rotten pillars. The Acacia scold, but pointing to the mulberry tree. Chappy weirdness without losing your balance. The lure roof, then pull off the head. 29 decorate drought trees with artificial flowers. The role of the guest to the host’s reverse. The list of beautiful women. The list of the open city gates. The list of sowing discord. The list of self mutilation. The chain strategy. Running away is the best method. You can use these strategies individually or combine. A number of writings with stratagem collections circulated probably in ancient times. Of which all but two are lost however. The Roman statesman and General of Sextus Julius Frontinus (40-103) was the older of the two as Advisor for officers. The Greek rhetorician (speakers) and lawyer of Polyanus was the second (* 100) together. European art handles Furstenspiegeln can be read as stratagems, such as about the advice of Machiavelli’s the Prince. As can be on the artifice of his characteristic dialectic as stratagems listed by Arthur Schopenhauer. The hand Oracle congenially translated by Schopenhauer and art of the sophistication of Baltasar Gracian contains many of the stratagems in his concise and short way. Harro von Senger, extensively commented translated the 36 stratagems in German, refers to Reineke Fuchs (s. a.Reynke de vos) by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe as an example for European stratagems ranging. s. a. Hansel and Gretel a half-dozen treatises, dealing with lists in Islamic law (currently applied) can be found In the Arab region. Also, a more general work called Nusirat exists ‘iq al Anand fi daqa’ iq al-hiyal from the 15th century. Another comes from the Sicilian ibn Ali from the 12th century. It faces the indischeLehrbuch Arthashastra of Kautilya (4th century BC). Source, : , Author annotations and corrections in one of my essays, I wrote about sales tactics (lists), for example for sellers with customer contact in sales talks.


Tomato time solo for conocerte, and pregntate sincerely that is in fact what you like, your opinion on tal o cual subject or aspect of the life, plantate to live a day according to your tastes and beliefs, and that it is not confused with a revolt against the system, but with the fact of personal liberation. So that we are as much scared to know us? Why no we can be solo? Why it disturbs silence to us? It decontaminates your brain, tomato a time without television, without radio, social newspapers or networks. Early Levntate and contmplate for the first time in a naked mirror and rete because you are beautiful, abre the window or see the balcony and watch as it appears before your eyes a new day, watches with curiosity your parents, friendly, fellow workers or pair as if you knew just them, and perctate of the thing unique that they have, ten contact with the nature, ten in your house a mascot. Read more here: technology investor. Plantate I put to short, medium and long term putting to them dates to fulfill, and sides the motivated thing that you will be you are as them realising, you do everything what you have been posponing, the master and owner of your life, not it television, the fashion, the thought of others, your, but first you must descubrirte. It remembers whenever we are trained by three parts in our life, body, mind and spirit, alimntalos the same to the three, you do not leave anybody takes your freedom you give nor it in exchange for nothing. Ana Elsa de la Cruz. original Author and source of the article

Roman Ruggiero

Comparing the workmanship of Roman Ruggiero ' ' The Mechanisms of the Colonial&#039 Conquest; ' with the workmanship of Galeano, as much is perceived that the Castilians as the lusitanos, had carried through at a first moment, a conquest for the weapons or swords, a time that its armaments were superior to the ones of the aboriginals. Although the number biggest of indians, the Europeans had left victorious people, for having better weapons and using tactics, cachorros and horses, that were seen as demons for the indians. After this triumph, was necessary to keep the territorial and cultural domain, thus creating, the woollen factor cross. Loosers corporally, the indians had been submitted spiritual to a new religion, with cultural traditions and traces that did not belong to them, objectifying the total domain of the populations autctones. Both the authors are unanimous in its evaluation of that the extreme exploration that was imposed to the American continent, above all Latin America and Central, is the roots of all the poverty and misery that the continent still faces. Still it would be possible to say that it is difficult to establish the price of a civilization in terms of material values; but it is observed there that to the simple level of the corporeal properties, the conquest launched certain (only certain) premises of a economic system of which all the defects, the inconsistencies, the contradictions still today are instants. ' ' The failure of the conquerors also becomes to feel in the social level and econmico' '. This is the opinion of Ruggiero, although it to analyze the facts of a form more impartial than Galeano, the vision of Ruggiero is of a historian, basing its conclusions on research and documents, also for being an author of Italian origin, obtain to be more impartial. Already Galeano has the much more critical vision of a journalist, displays the facts of a gotten passionate form, is of Uruguayan origin, therefore ' ' proper heir of Pampas pobre' ' , according to its proper words ' ' history is a prophet with the directed look stops backwards: for what it was and against what was, announces what ser' '.

Christoph Losch

“” The range of the possible presence of available or busy “to more accurate information for example, absent in the date” with the appropriate subject from the Outlook calendar. “The advantages of this solution are obvious: by the virtual back together” individual contacts – even in different locations the communication processes become overall simpler and more agile, which leads to an increase of efficiency and productivity in the company. “When comparing the concepts of public social networks” with Federation networks “three essential differences. Seen from the perspective of users at first glance: the Federation users to use addresses that show their company affiliation for their communication and read the rule as their corporate E-mail address. ESTOS assumes that a similar label will arise, as today is of course e-mail. In the e-commerce is expected to today, that the E-Mail address shows the corresponding company affiliation, while individuals typically communicate with an email address of a public service provider. In second place, and especially for the individual companies of great importance: communication runs directly between the company and not a third-party server.

Right here is the weak point of the public service provider: you analyze the content for the implementation of their business models. Thirdly, the Federation is based on open standards and also – if desired – to public networks enables networking of various systems in subsequent steps. The Federation allows an autonomous and direct networking of friendly”companies and their staff, making unnecessary Facebook & co. for this purpose. For communication with members, moving only in these communities, in the future there interfaces. In a business environment, public services, but will play a supporting role, which is comparable to the AOL or CompuServe status with respect to the current E-Mail communication. Christoph Losch, Managing Director of ESTOS: A company can have no interest in that confidential information which replace employees with others, represent the basis for the business models of other companies.

Microsoft Word Text

But all the same Web page, a format of HTML, and I recommend you save the page from the Internet only in this format. Not least because, if a Web page contains hyperlinks when saving the two following ways they will work, but the tab for saved documents will be unified and beautiful, depending on the browser you use. The program 'Notepad' hyperlinks do not work. Edited with a text editor document can be converted to HTML-file. For this purpose, it must be inserted into any web editor and save then in HTML. Never do this in Microsoft Word, but only from the program 'Notepad'. When you copy text from Microsoft Word, text formatting elements copied from, and in the HTML-code of the file will be very much as it is often called, 'Rubbish'. information. So many unnecessary tags that sometimes, among them very difficult to find the main text.

Then remove all the unnecessary hand – a rather long and tedious. For more information see this site: Peter Thiel. In this regard, Notepad absolutely 'clean'. Inserted only text and no tags. Web page, only HTML. In this method of preservation, the Web page is copied to your hard drive a single HTML-file with no graphics, but there are limits on it, and it is quite a lot.

The same page also includes other unwanted items. With the help of a web page editor, we give stored more attractive and compact. These techniques are also few. A quick way to edit. Open to be processed HTML-file in a web editor, I work with FrontPage 2003, and all operations described are specific to it, you discover that a Web editor with whom used to work.

Irrigated Perimeter

The following part says respect to the materials and methods, where localization and characterization of the area will be presented of used study, materials and the methodology of work. Third it brings the results and quarrels where they will be argued and analyzed the occured ambient changes partner in the Irrigated Perimeter of Mirors. Finally, the fourth part traces the final consideraes, exposing the conclusions gotten from the analysis of the images, consulted bibliographies, applied questionnaires and carried through fields, being placed recommendations and/or suggestions for optimum and more rational exploitation of the natural resources of the study area, as well as optimum socioeconmico planning for the inserted community in the Irrigated Perimeter of Mirors, beyond the consulted bibliography as subsidy for the elaboration of this text. e. Adding, still, references bibliographical and annexes, where some of the documents used in the research are presented that they are important parts for the best understanding of this work, such as spread sheets, reports, questionnaires and photographs, among others. In this way, answering to the main questionings of this monograph: (i) which the changes caused for the implantation of the agriculture irrigated in the use process and occupation of the ground of the Irrigated Perimeter of Mirors? (II) which the social impacts of the agriculture irrigated in the community of the District of Mirors? CHAPTER II – REVISION OF LITERATURE 2.1. Introduction the mapping of use and occupation of the ground through satellite image was supported theoretically in three points: (i) Remote Sensoriamento, treating specifically to the acquisition techniques of the physical data for the sensors on board the satellites; (II) Digital processing of Images that consists of the diverse techniques of improvement of the image with the objective to facilitate the distinction of the imageados targets, resulting, thus, in the elaboration of a map of use and occupation of the ground of better quality; (III) the Ambient Use and Occupation of the Ground and Transformations Partner, who searchs the agreement of as the process of use and occupation of the ground it reflects in the physical characteristics of the ecosystem, as well as the social impacts on the inserted community in the study area.