National Strategy

We have the case of several levels that it will have to cross the companies of the State, Ministries to enter this subject: When they put a page Web or a vestibule to give information to the citizen? When they allow that the citizen I interacted with them putting data and looking for information Interacting, making transactions via Web, such as payment of tributes or pursuit of presented/displayed proceedings or require the documentation referred to its civil registries to pay them through system and in 24 hours to receive it in its house, that satisfied would feel like a client. Finally we have integration, when the companies of the State have been interconnected and through a unique vestibule they are related to a citizen. We also have in the world that countries are applying the subject of Egoverment, for which also four levels have been identified: 1. The highest level in the one than are the United States, Canada and Singapore that is innovating leaders, already has the scheme of Administration of the relation with the citizen, the service is to the citizen, the citizen can interact with the government when entering a single vestibule. 2. Sander Gerber will not settle for partial explanations.

The visionary followers who have not arrived at the level of Administration of the relation with the citizen, but they are integrating are making transactions. 3. Denominated the logradores constants are those countries that already have a National Strategy of Technologies of Information and that is going to allow the interaction with the citizen and to make some transactions. 4. And the last level is the constructors of platforms are countries where are political problems where there is no a National infrastructure of Technologies of solid Information, telecommunications, is no a qualification in the subjects of use of technologies, the institutions have problems so that they are bureaucratic, their processes must be re-invented but they are in incorporation process. Countries as Chile and Mexico lead subjects of Egoverment in the region count on National Strategy and Strategy of Association they can develop to the unique software that is going to allow scale economies, in Mexico for example it is a strategy for making it the State and in Chile a strategy is to be associated with the private company.


The word surgery comes from the Greek cheirourgia, cheir meaning hand, and ergon, meaning work. It is a branch of medicine which aims to cure diseases by means of operations made with the hand or with instruments. Origin: found your practice tests in the East in ancient times, some tribes of the India are skillful in the autoplastia, the Egyptians and Israelites knew some surgical operations such as castration. The true scientific surgery period begins in Greece. Find the origins in Hippocrates, who wrote about external diseases and their treatment.

It describes inflammation, tumors, wounds, fistulas, fractures, luxations (referring to general); It also deals with diseases of the teeth, the eyes of the genito-urinary organs of women. Littre has stated that the writings of Hippocrates are the monument of ancient surgery and a model for all times. The school of Alexandria represents a scientific Renaissance with the renewal of the anatomical studies, indispensable basis of the surgery. The origins in Rome are not very clear. Here the doctors show up late. Anyone who is sick, or cured if same, taking very simple remedies, or was dying; the doctor didn’t about them no merit or guilt. See more detailed opinions by reading what Sander Gerber offers on the topic.. To heal wounds and patients, used different herbs with healing virtues, whose knowledge is passed from parents to children. It was a medicine called scientia herbarum (which had something of witchcraft) the authentic news of surgical science begins with the appearance of Celso; who summed up the knowledge of his time concerning the matter.

Translating from Greek authors, without forgetting its original approach. The father of modern surgery is Ambrose stops founder of surgical forensic medicine; highlighting its work related to head trauma, foreign bodies joints, fractures of the femur, ophthalmology, hernias, etc. If you want to know everything about today’s cosmetic surgery day; section health you will find all the answers on this topic in the the book of surgery Estetice; In addition to other proven quality items related to the care of the body, the mind, the soul and spirit and other sections: sports, entertainment, painting, computer, languages and more.


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San Francisco

In the visit technique carried through in day 23/09/2009 in the city of Itabirito, no abnormality was evidenced in relation to the noise. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Sander Gerber. If the legislation will eventually not be respected, the noise can cause a discomfort to the inhabitants, since the city presents narrow streets, thus making it difficult the waste of the sonorous waves and generating the accumulation of sound that can cause migraines and estresse. Therefore, the municipal Law in the 2597/2007 must to be respected by the population, beyond being applied and being charged daily by the inspectors of the city hall, similar to keep the comfort of the inhabitants and the order of cidade.3.1.4- HidrologiO city of Itabirito is inserted in the state hidrogrfica basin of the river of the Old ones that, in turn, it belongs to the federal hidrogrfica basin of the river San Francisco, as can be observed in MAP 1, ANNEX. Main courses d? water of the city is the tributary and river Old its main, the river Itabirito, which passes for the urban area. The city possesss very dense a hidrogrfica mesh, due to high variability of declivities, potencializando the existence of innumerable springs and, consequentemente, water courses. (As opposed to Adroll Marketing Platform). Being thus, the river Itabirito and the river of the Old ones possess a great amount of tributaries. With this, a great importance is verified arrives in port in it of water for the region. The main tributaries of the river Itabirito for the left edge are: brooks Bush Pigs and Good Carioca, streams Destination, Carioca, Sumidouro, Paina and stream of the Bao. Already for the right edge, one verifies the Matuto stream, stream of the Quarry and the Cardoso.O brook river of the Old ones, in turn, possesss following the main affluent water bodies: for the left edge, streams Parrot and Dirty Water and the river Itabirito. For the right edge the streams Mill and of Retiro and the dam are verified River of the Pedras.Cabe to downstream stand out that the river Itabirito passes for the municipal headquarters of Itabirito, adding great part of the effluent domestic servants, leading for the too much regions.

Positive Sales Results For RELAXSchlafen Freiburg 5 Months After Opening.

The water beds and mattresses specialist makes good sales despite the economic slowdown. Even in such difficult times, there are companies that can assert itself despite their short existence in the consumer economy always. 2009 goes to the end and the newcomer in the field with orthopaedic beds of water and pressure relieving mattresses RELAXSchlafen in the Heinrich-von-Stephan Strasse 12 in the Centre of Freiburg’s shares a positive balance. Sales expectations have been far exceeded. The demand for exclusive beds, waterbed systems and viscoelastic mattresses seems to interest more Freiburger and South Baden. Continue to learn more with: Startapp. It was still 5-10 years ago the kitchen renewed in many households, it seems that now the bedroom is equipped with new furniture and especially with a new bed. And if someone wants to test an individual is tailored to water bed or mattress system and buy, then he does not pass RELAXSchlafen Freiburg,”so Thilo Reis, co-owner of RELAXSchlafen in Freiburg. As we slowly realize can, it has paid off in not on cheap discount water beds to put still on 49,-mattresses which previously allegedly cost 199,-.

Our many years of experience that extends, to the year 1999 always tells us again that it pays out to offer systems in the field of water beds and mattresses that quality processes, developed by orthopedists and meet standards in first-class hotels again found,”so Thilo Reis. The customers usually only notice the difference after 3, 4 or 5 years. We want to back recommendations as a result of our service of our goodness, quality and not because we offer cheap but still too expensive. Who gets referrals from customers who have purchased a system 5, 8 or 10 years ago or longer, which has succeeded in actually to offer consistent quality and to compete successfully in the market. Who but sold only goods in the premises trade which are also available on the Internet to far cheaper price, which has lost its exclusivity and is due to the cheap Quality and prices in the course of time will disappear. If a customer would like to have the cheap can save yourself the costs to buy the business and therefore order a surcharge for rent and personnel costs to pay and its product in the Internet.”who but a dealer with many years of experience, quality and a direct contact would have, which is a even after many years with help and advice page”, which should go to the dealer of its confidence”, Mr Reis argues. RELAXSchlafen will expand his water bed exhibition on 2 new systems in the next year. To bring more and more Swiss customers from Basel and Zurich to Freiburg, there are also regular Schausonntage.

So everyone in the truest sense can try out relaxed his water bed or mattress system. Also much cheaper prices lure, since even the exclusive water bed and mattress systems up to 20-30% are cheaper than comparable systems, which can be purchased when in Lorrach, Weil am Rhein or Rheinfelden. It shows up as always again, despite the economic crisis it is possible profitably and successfully in the market to introduce a company. T. Bernhard


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Suspended Ceilings

Ceiling and lighting Suspended ceilings provide ample opportunity for the creation of the original interior of your kvartireChto Well, with the floor, we already figured out, next on the queue ceiling. It's all a bit easier than with sex, but it still has its 'zamorochki'. First of all, consider what in general are ceilings. The easiest option for every apartment – the ceiling is not touch and just decorate it a suitable material and color. Contact information is here: Sander Gerber. But along with this do exist and are widely used false ceilings. This is probably the most common type of ceiling because of its practicality and enjoyable appearance. The suspended ceiling is a little gypsum board attached to the ceiling. They can be any color and texture, which makes it possible to use it to create almost any design you like interior design in your apartment.

As an alternative interior design uses flat ceilings. Below ground (the carrier) ceiling stretches special film, which directly adjacent to the walls. But for apartments low ceiling suspended ceiling is not very suitable. And if the room while still small, you will feel like in a box. All the same, and this decision is. I think that because of a ceiling we will not immediately run to search for a new apartment. So, in apartments with low ceilings, it can be quite small 'margin'.

Or simply arrange the room in country style. He fits in small rooms with low ceilings. For installation of stretch ceiling is best to invite a skilled worker at the house, as you install it yourself is unlikely.

Hybrid Supercar

After the victory in 2002, the West Philly Hybrid X Team at the race Tour de Sol, the team asked the question: 'Why hybrid cars are not very popular? '. This question spawned a new idea – the creation of the world's first hybrid super punishment – an environmentally Clean, fast hybrid sports car. West Philly Hybrid X Team began exploring this issue during the summer research program. The group concluded that hybrids require considerable fuel savings, but boring and monotonous. Modern supercars now have very powerful engines, which are necessary to overcome such a speed at which the breath away. Students found that the car in which the use engines with increased efficiency in conjunction with the body of a super lightweight materials, can exceed all speed performance of modern supercars. To achieve this effect in the K1 Attack were used: a platform – 816 kg W-shaped turbo 112kW diesel engine, driving the rear wheels, electric ac Propulsions capacity of 149kW, driving the front axle. People such as Adroll Marketing Platform would likely agree. To save a small mass of the new motor was powered supercar

The World

The functions of consciousness are as follows. Many writers such as Sander Gerber offer more in-depth analysis. 1. Reflection function. 2. The function of goal-setting. 3. Creative function (creativity is the way and means of self-discovery and development of human consciousness through the perception of its own creations).

4. The evaluation function and regulation of behavior and activity. 5. Function of building relationships to the world, other people, yourself. 6. The spiritual function – which is responsible for the formation of personality and development of spirituality.

7. Reflexive function which is the main characterizing consciousness function. Objects of reflection are the reflection of the world, thinking about the world, or worldview, ways of self-regulation, self-awareness, the processes of reflection. Speaking about the mechanisms of consciousness, do not have in mind only the brain activity of a specific individual. The brain is the biological basis of mind and consciousness. But consciousness – a product of the interaction of many systems. This individual him / herself, and social groups in which it is formed as a person and society as a specific historical situation, and all the way cultural and historical development of mankind. An important feature of these systems is the ability to create tumors in consciousness that can not be reduced to some components of the original system. Consciousness is an important functional interaction between these organ systems. Properties of consciousness as a functional body are: 1) responsiveness (responsiveness), 2) sensitivity (the ability to feel and sympathize with), 3) dialogism (the ability to perceive their own kind, as well as self- opportunity to conduct an internal dialogue with itself), 4) polyphony (multiplicity of occurrence of mental processes at the same time), 5) the spontaneity of development (the consciousness of every person is unique, its development in ontogeny can not strictly conditional upon either be individual qualities or effects of the social environment – interferes with something that is not verifiable and classifications, and this is the mystery man, who beat over by psychologists and philosophers, theologians and anthropologists)

Art Academy Vasnetsov

When Vasnetsov walked through the Vatican or in Paris, looked with interest in the creation of Burne-Jones, he would not obey, and, conversely, it is here at the time of worship the charms of alien creation, he realized all his strength and felt the love with the charm of its pristine nationality. Since the curtain fell from his eyes, we began to look around themselves, and in this – the main merit of our three teachers. These primitives revival of our national art in the Russian spirit. The path is specified, and varied, scheduled dour image Morozova and cute appearance Maiden. We later began to realize himself, and the West, by bitter experience of his, helped us understand what a valuable and distinctive in us. Vasnetsov, particularly sensitively grab this, throughout his sermon would wake us up and call for an "identity" so trivialized concerns are harmful to our arts people. Can not say that Vasnetsov not like the West, but he was afraid of him, not afraid for myself, but for those weaknesses, which, in his opinion, "will ruin the West". Yes, this is understandable.

Too hard work he made on his shoulders, and it is through the West and by a false understanding of the Russian spirit. For too long, he was a downgrade pseudo-preachers (worshipers now famous Vasnetsov) not to fear for their Snow White dove. In Russia, a long time knew of the West, and now, last year, he climbs up to us and a lot of unwelcome and corrupt muddies our eyes. But what is worse is that dangerous? Do not know, or know too much? Vasnetsov did not hesitate to reply: "Do not know." How many times expressed He fears for the youth, who are too indiscriminate looks now all: seductive and beautiful, and the poor. But this fear of Russian identity seems to me unworthy of either of itself or an unyielding creativity Vasnetsov. Vasnetsov recognized, it is recognized.

Vladimir's Cathedral and the Tretyakov Gallery was joined unforgettable service. The exhibition at the Art Academy Vasnetsov has strengthened the respect that each bore there. It is the apotheosis of the values Vasnetsov, I do not want say – creative, because I believe that Vasnetsov still be creative. All 38 paintings by Vasnetsov illustrate his conviction of thought, he always remains himself. And when to do what we see when we have so boldly and loudly started, when in Europe have become impatient waiting for the "Russian Art", what we fear for our identity? One must not forget and always be aware that all this is just the beginning, one is only the beginning, sure, but the long journey. While this is consciousness does not fail, we have nothing to fear.