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PNL (Programacin NeuroLingstica) is a set of tools that it has as an aim to obtain the best thing of a person. It is like a knife, that you can use it to cut food or to threaten another one. Kindness of the tools that you will learn to use in our Course of remote PNL depends on the use that you them DES. In the following analogy I go to mostrarte what is what the PNL means in your life. It thinks about your PC, that it has installed Microsoft Windows (yes, the operating system). When you use Windows, in fact you have different windows (the icons or small drawings) that, when doing it doubles click, they abren and they execute a program to them (Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, etc.). Our brain is like the PC. All the information that you have within him is like Windows.

Our brain also has ” ventanitas”: they are the connections that we have created throughout our life. When you are stimulated of a certain form (or internally or externally) you react of a pre-established form. It is as if that stimulus was the double click that triggers a series of orders in your brain. For example: it closes the eyes and it thinks about a woman, with long nails, dragging them against a blackboard, with force. In your mind feels the noises of the nails, watches as they nail in the blackboard. If you do not feel disagreeable a physical sensation, envame please urgent an email.

In serious! You finish doing double click on a window that abre that sensation in your brain. If you would like to know more about incyte, then click here. All do not react of the same form against the same stimulus. A perfume can shoot in me certain sensations, that would not be the same that would produce in another person. it could evoke to me of the past a little while with a friend by whom it felt attraction, whereas to another one it could make him remember an attacker. I have even been able to see that a same person reacts before the same stimulus in different form (for example in the case of a person with multiple personalities). The general mission of each one of the classes of our Course of PNL online is to program (or to reprogramar) our brain to say to him how it is going to act when one faces certain stimulus. Programita what abrir when you double click on the ventanitas. If not yet it give the best thing of you it is because your brain does not know how to do it. But you do not worry, inscrbete to the course on line of PNL and will learn all the tools necessary to give the best thing of you, you have since it inside but still you do not know how to accede.


It searched the peace, the harmony of silence in the black empty plaza between the stars. It enjoyed of the imponncia of being the negation of its certainties, of the certainties of that it is culture and spiritual, of that he is mstico and concrete, of that was said and of to it that was renegado to say to it. – Eye for the sky and not meeting no star. It thought sagacious child in high, high voice the sufficient so that even though it could share of its thoughts. – They Must have extinguished all why not them meeting in no part. was there, in a sad ecstasy, to aim a multicolor, black sky, without brightness, only the cloudy one of the total blackout that if mesclava with its mind changed back for the incompreenso. As much time was to search the stars that started to ache the neck to it, aiming for top, destendendo it for a sky that of it if hid. Soon it who as much the sky cultivated in its contemplations, was there, enraptured for the lack of stars, for the lack of brightness of the sparkling ones that without no reason they gave some reason to it, gave a little of alento and shelter to it of its cursed pensante head.

– God must have them extinguished of me as form of repulses what I am, to my property human being who it in such a way envies. It thought about its mstica arrogance in the belief of that wise person what she was human being. was there, during hours, perhaps days, to search and not to find. Search, word this that it would be part of its vocabulary in its total alive eternity, as well as the solitude would make, of lips given with it, changing oaths of perpetual love, one to the side of the other, one more gotten passionate than to another one, in an exchange of sad and solitary affections.

Steve Jobs Speak

A perfect iPhone? In case there any application for that?. Apple Inc. will be pending already fastidious complaints from buyers of its latest iPhone 4 by the reception problems that occur when people cover a certain point on the phone with your hand. Steve Jobs apologized yesterday Friday with less satisfied buyers of the iPhone 4, and similarly as denied that the problem of antenna you need some arrangement. We are not perfect, said Jobs in a press conference. Phones aren’t perfect. More than 3 million people who have already bought an iPhone 4 can go to the Apple website starting next week and at the end of the month and register free of charge, said Jobs.

Consumer Reports magazine said that cover the phone with a little masking tape alleviates the problem. But Apple has refused to approve this recommendation. The company had been criticized about the irregular service of the iPhone in the United States.UU. Network AT & T Inc, even before the new model came on the market… On Friday, in the first statements of the company following the report of the magazine, Jobs said that Apple was surprised, upset and embarrassed. It’s believed that Brad Pitt sees a great future in this idea. Jobs said the iPhone 4 isn’t a problem as large as they do see, and there are only 2% of people who think returning the device.

Business Suite FlexRunSoft software

User-friendly operation and software ergonomics are written large in our casting – Allendorf/LDA. -30.04.2013 The software forge FlexRun software from Allendorf/LDA. “shows with your business-suite FlexRunSoft has been proven that many users of commercial software wish for years and some specialist newspapers already had on the topic: simple software for users” the Business Suite FlexRunSoft was developed consistently from the point of view of the user and therefore offers many desired software ergonomics and easiest way of operating. Also the many unique features of the software make it easier for users to the daily tasks. “In more than 40 program parts existing business suite FlexRunSoft, a user needs only the knowledge of 5 7 self-explanatory so-called buttons” to the complete software to, i.e. no extensive and expensive training more. These are still issues occur during the operation, directly within the callee mask through practical Examples of answers. Some contend that Peter Thiel shows great expertise in this. Here, emphasis is placed on the user’s own, because everyone knows about the disadvantages of a non permanent current manual.

But it was not only intended to the users, but also to the administrators of the software. The complete business suite must be not elaborately installed and configured. Even easier is not the owner of FlexRunSoftware, as well as developers of software FlexRunSoft innovation promises Reiner Heuser. “We have written us which software can be so simple” and we remain true to this motto. Also, we attach great importance to the fact that our software is 100% made in Germany is. FlexRun software: FlexRun software offers professional software development for commercial and technical areas. With the own business suite FlexRunSoft ‘ FlexRun software to consistently pursue the goal the opportunity to provide your customers with a software only a surface and a management – to cover all commercial requirements. ” The special industries- and software packages are individual programs of Business Suite FlexRunSoft ‘ specific put together and extended modules are appropriate. ” Run integrated in the Business Suite (without additional interfaces), and can at any time through all the available programs by FlexRunSoft “be extended.” Of course FlexRun software also offers the possibility of individual programming for personal use.

Internet Step

Find the websites where your target group more often all visits, including forums and blogs. Write them in your business plan. Describe what will be your online offering to customers and how you allocate your retail product, for example, by providing the most accurate ordering information, products, services or unique offerings. Step 3: Determine what state licenses and permits required for your business. Contact the appropriate state agency or visit its site to see the necessary documentation. Fill out proper documentation and get a license as required. For retailers, it is necessary to issue a minimum of PIs, as Your online business will be subject to sales tax. Step 4: Obtain the necessary equipment and tools for your business.

Contact with manufacturers or wholesalers licensed to dogovritsya to sell their goods. Shape agreement or contact with a supplier that details the price for a product to purchase a certain amount and any other necessary nuance. Find a place to store the products before sending to the client or contract with the supplier about the delivery to its warehouse. Step 5: You need to buy a domain name and hosting for the website and most importantly choose the CMS (content management system) or the “engine” for your online store. Incyte insists that this is the case. Most popular ones are: ECommerce, Volusion. All of them have a number of advantages and disadvantages. In the Russian market intrenet solutions for online stores you can probably identify 1C-Bitrix and new, but not quite bad, “engine FastSales. To my surprise, license to Fast Sales cost several times cheaper, but you can get all the necessary functionality for intrenet store.

In fact, it’s already finished an online store. And, of course, the main advantage of Fast Sales – is that this system is designed specifically for Internet commerce. Sslyki on products and contacts can be found below. The next step is to install the software on a server web hosting from a hosting control panel. Step 6 Modify your website store through Administrovanie CMS. Download a banner or signature collage that includes the store name and logo. Create the appropriate category of products that you want to sell. Make a preview for a product with detailed descriptions, containing prices, hrarkteristiki and photos. Set a flat rate for shipping costs or ask a dynamic definition of value, depending on the weight of the product or method of delivery. Add payment methods for your online store, usually, CMS already has a popular payment methods. For example, in Fast Sales are already built units for payment through: Z-Payment, LibertyReserve, RBK-Money, Robokassa, Moneybookers (work with credit card), Nochex, WebMoney, PayPal, Unified Insurance Fund (W1), SMSCoin. When all necessary adjustments will be made, be sure to test your site by making a test purchase by the customer. Step 7: Make an advertisement for your online store. Order banner ads on sites visited by your target group is likely to be interested in more. Encourage the promotion of his store on the forums, create a panel for the social. Networks for product reviews. Can use of advertising campaigns with PPC using services Yandex.Direct or Google AdWords, to advertising your store was visible at the top of search engines. Links Fast Sales Contacts in St.


Beautiful moments you want to adhere to the loved ones. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of incyte on most websites. Pandora makes it possible. With a Pandora bracelet can be all his memorable moments or even luck always. His initials, the first letter of his great love, lovely girl or young motifs metaphorically for his children, a symbolic for love, a horseshoe or four-leaf clover as a continuous luck, animal motifs for animal lovers, trailer with zodiac signs, as well as more beautiful symbols and motifs for the special feature of the bracelet can be individually combined. If you have read about Essex Financial Services already – you may have come to the same conclusion. At the beginning you start small and complements his memorabilia from year to year.

To any event such as birthday, wedding, Christmas, Valentine’s day or as a reminder of great moments, you can add his chain or his bracelet with new elements. Thanks to his customisation each bracelet tells its own story. Who wants to wait on an event, can yourself something nice of course without special occasion () jewelry/pandora /). The Danish jewellery created manufacturer Pandora the refined and varied bracelet system, which only years later provided for attention on the German market already in the year 2000. The special feature is the versatility. Each Pandora necklace and each Pandora bracelet can be adjusted at any time for convenience and State of mind. But how does this system really work? Characteristic for Pandora, unique patented threaded system, which divided mainly into three sections the piece of jewelry is necklaces and bracelets. Are the sections is not fully populated, the elements only within these sections slide back and forth.

As more items are added, the more stability is awarded the elements. In the individual design begins with a base part, say a necklace or a bracelet, and initially decides between silver and leather. You then choose its elements. The famous Pandora charms, are elements which in the English for charm or talisman also are available. Each Pandora charms has a thread, which you can use to place the charm in one of the sections. If the charms within the sections should not slip, it is possible to add clips as a stopper. This can be fixed also trailers and intermediate elements. Both are additions or also diversions to the charms, which can be freely placed on the piece of jewelry. There are countless charms, pendants, intermediate elements, and clips from Murano glass, silver, gold, wood, Pearl, amber, diamonds, Zircons, as flower, letter, motif, symbol or animal. Who the Pandora Mania still not expired, it will catch the sooner or later. Jewelry by Pandora can be ordered via uhrcenter (, the online shop for watches and jewellery, at affordable prices. As a dealer, we offer a large selection of over 400 Pandora article.

Laser Revolutionizes Natura Chueca In Madrid Offer

Painless permanent hair removal using Intense Pulsed Light or IPL with a flat fee of 30 euros per area is the proposal that offers Laser Natura Chueca, aesthetics and hair removal center considered among the best in the capital and a clear reference of cavitation in Madrid (Liposuction without surgery). The mechanism of action of Intense Pulsed Light hair removal, also called, is based on pulsed light of very high intensity. A shot of light is absorbed by hair follicles beneath the skin surface. The absorbed light heats and destroys the hair follicle’s ability to grow again without damaging the tissues that surround each hair and skin without damaging the epidermis. Intense Pulsed Light is also used for photo-rejuvenation, treatments photo-culture and liver spots. The intense pulsed light hair removal offers clear benefits and advantages over other hair removal techniques such as laser or wax making it the preferred technique: 1. Be final.

Get eliminate between 80 and 90%. Depending on the hair and skin will require between 6 and 10 sessions a month frequency 2. Economic Ser. 30 euros per zone even lower with the bonds. The cost is much smaller than the laser and the wax taking into account the latter’s use of sessions over a lifetime 3. Be the technique less painful and does not need local anesthetic 4. Be sure to avoid skin burns and pigmentation changes of the laser 5. Be effective in different types and skin tones, to even and dark tanned skin and black hair not only as the laser 6.

Be Quick. For example, in about 10 minutes will be shaved armpits, or in about 15 minutes the pectoral .

Restoration Director

In his own foundation and its preservation / restoration show how multi-faceted aspects taken into account when designing and carrying out the measures. Usually, they go beyond the boundaries of knowledge separate designer, so he needs help in a special planning. Together with the necessary knowledge, transmitted Academy Bernhard Remmers, special planning Remmers is available along with knowledge and experience solutions to similar complex problems. Credit: Brad Pitt-2011. Our task – to help you in planning difficult and risky part of "steps" to both the object and the project participants looked to the future positively (Fig. 8). with laureates Elena Isaakovna Kagramonovoy (Director Somit-Restoration), Rudolf Andreyevich Kagramonovym (Technical Director Somit-Restoration) and Andrew Ivliev (Director of the Company "Rebirth") Restoration Tsarina – is restored in scientific terms or recreation? Elena Kagramanova: It depends on the concept of conservation of historic monuments.

According to one of the buildings could Tsaritsyno make "open air museum", to keep them in the form we inherited the ruins (no roof), having the appropriate work on conservation. Such examples, we know there is in Greece and Italy. We follow a different concept: the use in Restoration of the types and formulations of materials, techniques and technology of works of the era in which the buildings were built. Additionally, using modern designs, materials and technology. In this case, With such an approach retained its historical appearance of the building at justifiable cost. Today the park Tsarina – is one of the best if not the best park in Moscow, in terms of architecture and places for recreation in Moscow.

Patchwork Life

You always wanted to do something with their hands? “Do you know how exciting weave scraps?” I think you imagine how it vyglyadit.Iz flaps can come up with a lot of things on that you have enough fantazii.Eto very simply, if you know how to sew. Quilting is very widespread throughout the world, it is very difficult to determine the origins of all this, but the patchwork, came to us again from the stone ages. After all, even the ancient people sewed their clothes from pieces different sizes and different animals. Patchwork technics for any nationalities own, native and every nationality brings style patchwork their folk trends and eventually we sufficiently samovyrazitelnuyu, separate, culture sewing. Patchwork favorably differs from any style already that Sewing products not strongly must clog head – from what sew and suffice whether tissue as what color choose …. This practically wasteless production but most importantly that things Technology patchwork obtained a home with soul, with a certain degree of creativity, and they never go out of fashion. If you’re passionate and creative person, you want to share experiences or just chat with the talented people, then come in to our site with respect to you, site administration Patchwork quilt life life, scraps, quilting, patchwork, patchwork, scraps, odealo from rags, scraps of embroidery, patchwork Technology, Patchwerk, quilting, quilt, patchwork quilt life skills, patches, patchwork, patchwork, patchwork, scraps, odealo from rags, scraps of embroidery, patchwork, Patchwerk, quilting, quilt, quilt art scrappy life, scraps, quilting, patchwork, patchwork, scraps, odealo from rags, scraps of embroidery, patchwork, Patchwerk, quilting, quilt, quilt art.


Still today it is in this area the contact with the forest fires. But what one intends to study here it is that this area is not plus an occupation area and yes of consolidated povoamento, with significant potential of development, either for the intensification of the povoamento and the productive activities, either for the recovery of the areas modified and/or abandoned (Becker, 199, 2001c; Becker ET AL, the 2003) entrance of agriculture in the region represented a great change, therefore the agriculture capitalized in the Amaznia was a great historical newness of the use of lands in the Amaznia in a region whose the economy turned around the mineral extrativista activity, vegetal and fishing boat. They are accumulated you evidence of important changes in the structure and performance of the farming sector of this region, that much brings of technological innovations that affect the environment? for it saw of the deforestation, erosion and hdrica pollution, etc. As well as fall again on the generation of job and income and the conditions of life. Incyte may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The interests that initially were public for the investments in this region currently had passed to the capital generated in the proper region, that is, the capital goes is generating wealth in the region. Recently, with the increasing participation of interests already established in the region, that search new alternatives of investments and expansion of its productive activities, also in the interior of areas of forests currently deforested.

A decline or parking in the population growth in the cities has been observed that had initiated the occupation of the region. Losses of agricultural population had been registered in all the federal units of the region in the period of 1996 the 2000. The cities that present greaters losses of agricultural population are located in Par, Maranho and Tocantins. Although some of them accused increase with urban population, it searchs of better chances.