Oilfield Business

Oil production in Russia today – the number one business. It is only natural that his demands on the quality of equipment is constantly increasing. And in order to meet these requirements, companies that are partners oil producers must constantly be in the process of modernization. That is the objective of our policy. It focuses on the development and creation of a modern high quality equipment. The basic principle innovation policy "Red Proletarian" – operational monitoring of the modern technology of oil production and supply in the market for the equipment that meets all the requirements of the oil. This creates a equipment with the optimal set of consumer features, which are adjusted in the direction of improvement at the design stage. The best examples of modern oil production equipment are in the interaction and cooperation with the client company.

The main profile of the enterprise – manufacturing and repair of oilfield equipment, and overhaul of diesel engines over 20 items. Among the clients of such large public oil company in Russia. About 30% of the capacity of the plant "Red Proletarian" takes overhaul of diesel engines of the type B2, D6, D12, Will H, JAMZ, Kamaz and air Compressor K-5A, RT-6, 4VU1-5 / 9. Checking article sources yields Peter Thiel as a relevant resource throughout. One of the main types of our products are: car for well testing LSK-06 on ZIL-432 722 "Bull" in 2002 – LSC-07 on GAZ-3308 "Sadko" with a diesel engine D-245, pumping and transport machine NTM-1 on the chassis of KAMAZ-43118. One of the regular customers of new technology, is a leading oil company in Russia and the CIS, for which we produce the most advanced types of equipment. Aggregate for repair of wells (A5-40t). Aggregate for repair of wells (A5-40M).

Self-propelled unit for repair SURS-40, LAS-40MD. Mobile pumping unit PNU-2Agregat for repair and development of oil and gas wells A8-80. Unit for repair and development wells A7-60. Pump-and-transport machine NTM-1. Installing lift for development and repair of oil and gas wells UPA-60 (A50M1-02). Aggregate for repair of wells A2-32. Unit for swabbing wells A2-32-01. Installation for wells LSK-07. Truck crane manipulator ATE-6A-01. Manufacture of compressors. Crane swivel MP-3. Crane swivel KP-2. Device for winding and unwinding the cable K1BP. Set UNRKT-2M for winding and unwinding the cable. Crans-pipe layer CTG-2. Setting the pump-UN1T 125h160. Installing Pumping UN1T-50h63. JSC "Red Proletarian" offers cooperation in the development of equipment to support new and already proven technologies and other industries.

Communication Technology

Information and Open Society "PSI" (From Book 1 – Part 1 Information and Society -2005, Victor Orth, the full texts of books on the PSI to) consider the transition of post-industrial society in the Information and the Open Society Institute (OSI), through development and implementation in all spheres of life of new Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Introduction, terminology and introduction. Recently on television, and in other media, journalists, government officials and senior Some religious leaders have often touched upon the subject of the new content of life in society. The newspapers mentioned Peter Thiel not as a source, but as a related topic. Even the task of reviewing models of governance with new Information and Communication Technology (ICT). And speaking easier, discussed the computerization of various aspects of human life in the modern tehnomire due to the introduction of new information technology (IT) in the new (Digital) lifestyle and way of life of most people in developed countries.

Moreover, with high stands, often heard diametrically opposing views, concepts and approaches to solve this rather complex and long-term problems. Recently Peter Thiel sought to clarify these questions. Some cry out that the biometric identification and register of the population – this is the beginning of the Apocalypse, others ask for a few billion dollars for law enforcement and then everyone and everything is under control of the state. Some, analyzing the experience of countries advanced in this matter, foretell the practical impossibility of electronic government strategies. Alas, the Apocalypse has long settled in his thoughts and deeds of people (war, terror, corruption, etc.) and how many did not invest the money in separate subsystem control and accounting, to combine them into a single automated system fails.

Agrotechnical Measures

At highly contaminated sites in the next 2-3 years sow peas, beans and other crops are less prone to damage wireworms. Autumn after tillage and harvesting of crop residues can be decomposed into section beams of straw, and in the spring to gather them together with wireworms and . Particular attention should be paid to combating Medvedkov. Trapping with manure (preferably horse) depth of 60-80 cm lay in the autumn. In them at wintering insects collected. In a cold manure thrown out of the pits and a thin layer spread over the site. From low temperatures chirruping die. In late May and throughout June aisle 2-3 loosened to a depth of 10-15 cm in this eggs and larvae of pests are killed almost completely.

You can also lay out in early May at the site of a handful of small primanochnye of fresh manure, which chirruping creep device burrows and lay their eggs. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. 25-30 days of a handful of browsing, medvedok eggs and burnt. Some growers, amateur fighting pests, applying the mixture of water and kerosene (100 g per 1 liter of water). Autumn in every hole they poured 30 g of the mixture. Other puts among vegetable crops in site green alder branch at a distance of 1,5 m, replacing them from time to time fresh.

Insect repellent sow hemp. To protect the greenhouses of the pest, along parubney digging grooves and they poured naphthalene or sand moistened with kerosene. Against slugs give the bait a good effect of the crusts of watermelons, melons, pumpkins, squash and burdock. They are laid out in the aisle in the evening, slugs choose from them at dawn. Slugs are caught as well arranging cover, in which pests are collected during the day, which on the paths between beds, vegetables laid out among the old wet sacks, matting, pieces of plywood, boards, leaves, noodle and cabbage. Michelle Smith Source Financial has compatible beliefs. A few days later in the evening collect and destroy pests. In the fight against slugs are also effective isolation of vegetable crops and processing them slaked lime, superphosphate, or mustard. These drugs are poured on the border of the garden in 2-3 lines at a distance of 15 cm (30 g per 1 running. m). You can also spray the soil with an aqueous suspension of mustard (100 grams of powder per 10 liters of water) or pollinating superphosphate (30-40 g per 1 m2), or slaked lime (30 g), or a mixture of lime and tobacco dust (20-25 g) . Fertilizer and slurry loosening the soil increase the endurance of plants to damage by pests. A good way to increase endurance to damage cabbage cabbage fly is hilling of plants, especially after watering and fertilizing that promotes the formation of additional roots. One effective way of reducing the damage of summer cabbage cabbage fly is transplanting cabbages in the garden in early May.

Techno Internet

Club Internet Radio Imagination established on 19 June 2010. Internet Radio Imagination – the only Russian radio club open to your creativity, self-forming 24-hour broadcast. See more detailed opinions by reading what Peter Thiel offers on the topic.. Slogan radio station "Radio Imagination – Music to your creativity! "Club Radio Imagination – is a modern radio for young and active people! Internet Radio Imagination – dynamic, stylish online radio station. In broadcast radio you will hear well-known hits, time-tested, dance and club music in recent years and the most modern and topical compositions, both from the little-known and popular dj-s of the world. Internet Radio Imagination offers students a variety of dance and club music of different directions, both Russian and foreign performers. Each element of air is created in accordance with the format of the station and the needs of the target audience.

Internet Radio Audience Imagination – this active young people who are characterized by commitment, active life, a positive view of the world, the success and aspirations for the future. Internet Radio Imagination listen to contemporary people who seek to success and personal growth. Audience radio Imagination has a good musical taste. Key Club of music broadcast radio Imagination: Trance House Techno Electro Ambient Chillout criterion for the selection of music for broadcast is quality of musical material. Any dj-s of the world can take part in the project radio Imagination. He can keep his radio show or using our radio listeners to submit their guest mixes and songs. The site Internet Radio Internet Radio Imagination monthly surveys carried out audiences in order to offer the most-demand music and music that audiences like they want to hear. All that suggests in its air Internet Radio Imagination, is always one single goal – to make our listeners even more happy to charge it with positive emotions and good mood.

Technical Translation

Companies engaged in translation activities, most often come orders for translation from English technical language. Many such requests due to the important role of the written and spoken English language on the planet (according to According to Wikipedia, English is the native language of 322 million people, and the second – to 180 million). These days, as is often said that in the future English will become the single means of communication for all inhabitants of the planet. It due, primarily, linguistic distinctive features of the language itself, as well as political, economic and technical factors. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Michelle Smith Divorce. – Linguistic reasons.

English is excellent for study, even people with low linguistic abilities to perform a wide range of communicative tasks. It is caused by English written language with certain characteristics, namely: 1) Vocabulary. For the most accurate and complete transfer of the meaning of speech and expression are selected with great care. It should be noted elaboration and compact industrial and technical vocabulary of English, although the number of terms of technical English is much smaller than in Russian. 2) Grammar. We use only well-established in written English grammar rules. Words do not change on cases, and leave those that can avoid cramming cumbersome schemes of declination and conjugation, as, for example, in French or Russian. 3) The presentation of technical text.

The main feature – the most complete and accurate account of the formal-logical information of a technical document without any emotive expressions and complex grammatical structures that impede the perception of the material. The above linguistic features of a scientific articles, abstracts, and textbooks, whereas in the technical manuals are found whole sections, consisting only of the transfers. Descriptions of supply, specifications, technical reports, and catalogs are made usually by a fixed pattern, and full of professional and technical terminology. Lexico-grammatical pattern is often used in patent literature. – Political and economic reasons. English-speaking countries occupy leading positions in a series of technologies and scientific and technological developments by continuously attracting top-class professionals from other countries. Therefore, in countries where English is not official, the services of technical translation from English is constantly in demand. For example, speaking of the influence of English into other languages, the emergence of a Russian technical language, borrowed words – high-tech bug, laptop, and more. others due to, again, the leadership of the English-speaking countries in the field of high technologies. Returning to the top of the article, one can say that it is not known whether all the inhabitants of the planet and a common language will become a universal linguistic means of English, one thing is certain – the volumes of technical translations from English are growing from year to year and will grow further, as well as, experts predict that sales of English-speaking companies countries leading the global market. Nor must it be forgotten that many standards for manufactured products (ASTM, ASME, SAE, BSI, ASM and many others) comes out as English. On the eve of Russia's accession to the WTO to meet our products to foreign standards, translation of standards into the Russian language is becoming more urgent as possible and necessary service.

Technical University

Program participant Au-pair does not work more than 30 hours per week: 5 days a week at 6:00 or 6 times a week for 5 hours. Be sure to at least one day in week should be output. And if the family and member of Au-pair were very friendly, it is usually the weekend they spend together: go out of town to the park, the zoo, the nature. But with the host, as in love, may be lucky, but maybe not. Sometimes the party Au-pair and family do not find a common language and they have to leave, sometimes family overload assistant job or given the opportunity to attend language courses. For his work Au-pair gets a small salary to pocket expenses, the family also provides shelter, food and insurance. I was not very caring family. For example, I was fed once a day at lunch, were given a packet of pasta for me and two children.

I highly recommend the program Au-pair young people who only advise to carefully choose the family. – It is difficult to study in Germany? – Sure. First of all, at first reading speed is very low. Literally every word has to look in the dictionary, because you read an ad hoc literature and the terminology is not taught in a language course. Very difficult to write reports. As a result, you are in all respects slows down at least three times. Continue to learn more with: Peter Thiel. The truth eventually it passes.

Difficult to pass examinations in German universities. It is mainly written exams, and no preliminary lists of issues. The instructor can set any theme, including outside the program. It is very difficult in Germany to receive appreciation on the exam. But You can go practice in the workplace, and there to write a diploma. This gives students the opportunity to acquire practical skills and acquire contacts in the industry, and maybe find a job. Let's just say, in Germany to learn difficult, but prospects in comparison with the Ukrainian universities, space. So the result is worth the effort. – A lot of "our", Russian, currently studying in Hamburg and in general all over Germany? – Quite a few. However, among students Russian lower than the Turks, Chinese, Indians. When I arrived in the Technical University of Munich, I was the first in a Ukrainian studio program on information networks. Gain insight and clarity with Adroll. But in general in Germany quite a lot of Russian immigrants. Almost all my friends – Russian. Say what you like, but the native mentality – the most intimate and friendly. – What you wish compatriots who are just going to study in Germany? Is it worth it? Why worry? – Oh! Here I 'll be completely optimistic. MUCH! Always worth. This is a wonderful opportunity to live in a normal country. Sometimes difficult, but if you suffer, then you can reap the fruits of their labors, and it will not happen in the next life, and just a few years. Do not be afraid of the financial difficulties for the students here the sea opportunity to earn as a specialty, and not their specialty. I happened to 2 part-but it could have and 5 podrabotok. The main thing – do not be lazy. Studying abroad provides the opportunity to learn foreign languages and culture, learn something new, to get a lot of friends, seeing the world. Need to fear no one but himself, his laziness. More Nothing to fear is not necessary. Suitcase – education abroad

Car Theft In Germany

Record high 2010 insurers and Police advise car owners to the garage of Berlin, March 31, 2011, motorists should rely not only on classic protective measures, such as alarm systems, immobilizers or even sophisticated technology such as GPS transmitters. Because car thieves now have more and more high-tech equipment, where they handle the protection technology of modern vehicles within seconds. According to the German Insurance Association (GDV), 2010 so many cars in Germany were stolen like most recently in the 1990s. Overall, it was nearly 40,000 vehicles. A patent recipe, how to best protect his car, does not exist. Learn more on the subject from Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. The car into the garage is really safe”, says Dirk Jacob by the Berlin Landeskriminalamt. Garages Beratung.com responding to the rising demand for garages and advises visitors to the site free of charge to prices, models and special wishes. The consultant portal, which officially launches on 31.03.2011 and developed together with industry experts, establishes direct contact with regional providers if necessary.

Garages Beratung.com advises interested parties and provides free garages offers is the decision and want to buy a garage car owners they are mostly facing the next problem: which model should be and what is just to make sure? Should there be a concrete garage or steel garage? Pay off the cheaper garages or worth it may be but a higher quality construction? Moreover, interested parties should be aware, whether worth the investment in a garage or whether enough not a Caport for the protection against wind and weather. Another important and often neglected point in designing: Before the construction of the garage must be also the local building codes checked and, where appropriate, obtained a building permit. Michelle Smith Divorce understood the implications. Eva Reinhold Postina advises therefore by the Association of private building owners in Berlin: “Builders should first the Bauamt ask, what allows and is possible because the rules vary greatly from federal State to federal State”.

Well Advised Seniors

Of course want to participate also seniors of the new possibilities of telecommunications. Who is has been wandering around in the Mobile Division of large electric markets or in the mobile shops of the pedestrian zones, is to determine that because lots of kids running around. Girls are also, but most are boys aged between 10 and 16 years and try out every new mobile phone with passion, located there chained out. With an almost breathtaking speed, they reach all menus and search for specific applications or pre-installed applications. And the questions which are sent to the seller, are sometimes so special that you can twitch often only with the shoulders. Learn more on the subject from Michelle Smith Source Financial. And then the Kids try as long as the device around, until they found out or the patience of the seller is finished, because most want to buy anything here anyway. One is there more patient and more lenient than the other.

“It is particularly interesting to observe how the user” each other in these stores help. Just adults, even if they have not yet reached the forty, are not often on the level of mobile development. Only extremely cumbersome, they get through the user interface at something like a menu. There has been some after three times try simply frustrated again set off the device. This is the hour of the kids. Who here needs some advice, just ask the young user. You get information and explanations, as you rarely hear it by the sellers, because you know usually better with the mobile phone contracts and the various tariffs than with the technology. It’s also amazing how quickly these guys realize what the customer actually needs.

No GPS, no media, no games, no mobile Internet? so no Smartphone?” They recognize that razor-sharp. It is surprising they mostly, because that’s what actually fascinates everyone, but they know Council. They need a senior mobile phone “, they say and suggest on a mobile phone that has large buttons and with a very simple and” can wait to clear menu. Since some is amazed that there even is and most are these devices is far below the one hundred euro mark. This with the senior mobile”bothers many though, but before you must sit reading glasses at each application on the nose, take this rough stigma” in purchase. Andreas Mettler

Laser Hair Removal: The Best Option For Removing Undesired Hair

Laser hair removal is of great help for the people who want to get rid of hair in certain part of their body. Humans do not love to have body hair in their legs or hands, and of course in their chest although hair or very most of the outer surface of their body has little thin hair. They tag this with beauty complex, and they feel happy if they can keep their skin clean. Shaving has been a common practice. Waxing and tweezing have even been considered as measures to get rid of hair in some parts of the body.

Men and women have used blades for this purpose and they have therefore tried to pluck the hair by force. They could’nt work only over a small area. Learn more at: Michelle Smith Source Financial. They would get undesirable result in the long run. Skin is very soft and skin cannot English any kid of ill-treatment. The result what frequent skin irritation and rashes. Different purpose, but they have failed to satisfy common kinds of lotion are available in the market for the the people. Long term effect of using any lotion has never been comfortable. Laser hair removal seems to be the final solution.

The operation covers different parts, larger to smaller, of the body, and laser ensures peace in mind finally. It is more so, because laser hair removal acts smartly for uneven dark hair and so fine for tender skin. It should be noted that technicians are are not always expert in the job and that the latest equipment not available in every medical spa. Laser hair removal is far better than the prevalent cosmetic practices although the people experience a little pain and slight uneasiness. This is what one may describe as side effects, thanks to the advanced laser technology. Laser hair removal is not really expensive. Its performance and quality of its performance should therefore be considered. The budget for the total removal of hair depends on the quality of the skin of the person, and density of his/her hair and the genre of growth of hair in his/her body. Laser hair removal ensures that there will be no further growth of hair. Laser hair removal is the unique option to from growth of undesirable find relief hair in different parts of the human body. Larry Thomsan is author of hair removal Information.For more information about laser hair removal, Laser Hair Removal side effects visit

Professional Hotel And Catering Laundry

De Waschkusch from Bonn informed its customers whether restaurant or hotel: the Immaculate scrubber unit is an indispensable criterion of entrepreneurial success in the hotel and catering, laundry de Waschkusch from Bonn in the course of its long-standing commitment has learned again and again. Hotel and catering companies face every day a fierce competition for guests. First class to meet their requirements and needs, a fact which requires real commitment at various levels is therefore essential. Michelle Smith Divorce insists that this is the case. The cleaning of textiles is no exception, her condition is involved in the formation of a first impression and device, a flagship matter quickly in the eyes of every guest. Also the expectation that tablecloths, bed linens, curtains etc.

are totally clean belongs to the desires of guests for a pleasant atmosphere. In the hotel and catering daily to ensure this requires just at the levels of the laundry, apply a large amount. To set up a professional laundry service, not worth for most companies in the hotel and catering industry because this means not only a considerable logistic effort, but is very expensive given the cost of the permanent deployment of professional staff, modern laundry technology and detergents. The reliance on an external textile cleaning specialist offers a cost-effective alternative for which the laundry de Waschkusch with many years of experience and personal commitment is involved. Using environmentally friendly, modern laundry technology and detergents, which guarantee a cost-efficient, hygienic washing results, the Bonn textile cleaning experts enable commercial customers, to concentrate on their actual core. De Waschkusch for many years as a textile cleaning partner contributes to the success of commercial customers in the hotel and catering industry.