All head is ill a negative opinion of itself: Low self-esteem. I am clumsy, I am bad, I am ugly, poor of me, do not deserve that they want to me, I do not deserve that they admire to me, I do not deserve pardon, I do not deserve good things, etc. A negative opinion of world: Distrust. All are equal, in the world does not have good; it only has bad and idiot, all are inept ones, the one that do not run flies, etc. and finally a negative opinion of the future. Pesimism and hopelessness.

It is going to me to go badly, I am not going to obtain it, I do not have remedy, I am condemned being poor, etc. Martin Seligman formulated the hypothesis that the depression in the humans is a state of learned neglect. An example of neglect we see the learned it in the elephant. The elephant is one of the strong animal but that there are on the Earth face, if it is not that but hard. To this animal they maintain prisoner to it in the circus with an assured chain, of an end, to a shackle that put to him in one of their legs and to the other end to a fragile stake that could start just by to take a step that would not represent but the minimum effort for him. Why it does not do it? To this elephant, when he was small they very hard tied, it to a stake.

All efforts to free itself were unfruitful until it learned that all effort to change its situation would be useless and it resigned to remain tied to a stake. As well as this elephant learned to that he was useless to free itself of the stake, we we learned to have a low self-esteem, to distrust of the others, to being pessimistic and to remain in that state. All head is ill and all doliente heart To depressed people happens to him but disagreeable things in their life and its experience of these events also are but disagreeable that the one of people nondepressed (Lewinson and Talkington, 1979). the average of the age of the first depressive episode of a person in the years 70s was of 29,5 and nowadays is placed in the 14,5 years (Seligman, 2003, 164. 165) The WHO (World-wide Organization of the Health) says that the depression at present occupies the fourth place in the prevalence of all the diseases and that it stops the 2020 will be the second disease in the world. If the depression is a learned negative vision, then we can learn to have a positive vision to fight it. We learn to see the good things that there is in us. We cultivate the pardon and the gratitude. If we pardoned, what it hurts will stop to us doing it. If we are been thankful and so we received, we will be happy, and if we learn to also see the good thing in us, we will be able to see the good thing in the others and will see the life with optimism. An author who memory its name did not say: He seeds a thought and you will reap an act. He seeds an act and you will reap a habit. He seeds a habit and you will harvest a character. He seeds a character and you will reap a destiny.

Cadiz Programming

From the institute of Webex we have been pending of the enormous demand of programmers in cobol and to the constant requests of qualification person, it is by whom it was decided to begin the first course online of Cobol, oriented to the used present dials in basic programming, including Cobo JCL, CIS and DB2. The platform used for the service Web is totally intuitive and easy to use, also we would like to clarify that the inscriptions are totally free for which they wish to take this course. Our equipment of educational and expert in the language cobol will be ready to take care of all the restlessness of the interested ones in entering itself in the world of the programming. The quotes, pre-incripciones, vacancies and turns will be available in the vestibule. From the institute works will be realised as yes they will be under remuneration, but the courses are totally gratuitous.

This Program

(Statute of the Child and of Adolescent, Law n 8,069, of 13 of July of 1990). The theoretical basement of this program is the Report of the UNESCO of the International Commission on Education for century XXI, Education a treasure to discover (1996) co-ordinated for Jacques Delors who sees the education appearing with one trunfo indispensable to the humanity in its contribution of the ideals of the peace, of the freedom and social justice. Thus, in accordance with this Commission, the education has an essential paper in the continuous development, as much of the people, how much of the society and if it supports in the following pillars: to learn to know; to learn to make; to learn to live together and to learn to be. The Program New Olmpica Mines Generation is in vigor in the state of Minas Gerais since January of 1999 and comes to the few increasing them would seem the interested municipal city halls and creating some nuclei in the state. In the year of beginning of the Program they were 86 nuclei, currently are more than 250. In these nuclei 30,000 educandos are taken care of approximately. Amongst cities conveniados with the Government of the State of Minas Gerais for development of the Program, meet Teixeiras, city located in the zone of the mining bush, with a population of approximately 11,000 inhabitants. This Program is in vigor in this city, since the year of 2006.

Teixeiras is a city that possesss few cultural equipment and spaces for the practical one of sports. Thus, the Program if presents, in municipal level, as an alternative for the oferecimento the students of esportivas activities and leisure that can collaborate with the development of the same ones. The Program in Teixeiras/MG has its physical base in a state public school, which functions in integral time, but is co-ordinated by the City department of Social Assistance.

Translation Services Market

Translation services market shows steady growth in recent years. However, despite this, he leaves much to be desired. The reason for this, the recent emergence of Ukrainian traditions of translation. At that time, as the culture of the translation market in Western countries, evolved over decades, in Ukraine a modern translation of the market began to take shape only in the early 90's. Let us consider the basic stages of its development: 1990 1998g.g. – In this period appear the first translation companies, competition is low, there is no information about the market.

1998 – 2004 gg – Formed by large companies, the market expands and becomes more transparent. 2004 – 2009. – Increased competition. Companies continue to grow. Forecast: Growth translation market by 20% per year. Of course, the reasons for the dynamic development of the translation market is globalization, world trade and output of companies into new markets, market development of high technology and outsourcing, result of which companies send work to a professional translation companies.

All types of translation services offered can be divided into four groups: 1. Technology transfer 68% 2. website localization and Software 20% 3. translation of audio and video materials 5% 4. Interpretation 7% of the most popular language for writing and for the interpretation is English. Eastern and sparse language is a small popular, but the translation services in these languages are the most expensive, because few experts in these languages. Despite the development of the market, the cost of services on the Ukrainian market is very different from European standards, where 50 – 70 usd considered the norm for a standard page, whereas with us, it rarely exceeds 10 U.S. dollars, and in the present circumstances, when the Office reduce the cost of services, the cost of translation of one standard page can be about $ 5

PLC – Power Line Communication

PLC? POWER LINE COMMUNICATIONS: DEFINITIONS, ADVANTAGES, DISADVANTAGES AND REQUIREMENTS. Philip Mayan Barbosa Garden Antonio Ricardo Leocdio Gomes SUMMARY Currently, the terms conectividade and technology, each day that passes if becomes more common between the reporters, periodicals, in the schools and the society in a general way. The dependence in the use of computer networks of the organizations comes if becoming each time stronger e, with this, new products and services appear to each moment. The main objective of this article is to present and to approach technology PLC? Power Line Communication, a technology that uses the infrastructure of residential or commercial electric net for the transmission of data. The definitions, advantages, disadvantages and the requirements of this technology will be presented, with intention to clarify the inherent doubts to this subject, a time that, theoretically is a subject little spread out, as much in the half academic how much in the society in a general way.

The work makes a boarding of the main technologies used for the transmission of data existing, such as: computer network saw handle and of the nets wireless. The explanations on definitions, advantages, disadvantages, requirements, topologies of the electrical system and too much consideraes, are presented of didactic and simple form, in order to facilitate the agreement of this technology. For in such a way, a bibliographical research and next to the main companies was used as methodology who are carrying through tests with this technology. It was verified that with this new technology, it appears plus a possibility for the transmission of data and access the Internet. One gives credit that the advance of this technology now depends on the companies if to adaptarem to the rules preset for the installment of this service and in the standardization of the necessary equipment for the use.

Maria Jose Arajo

The text presented here detaches the urgent necessity of qualification of the professors, the change of paradigms and consequentemente the boarding of the pertaining to school contents. METHODOLOGY This work is based on bibliographical research. The main authors used in the accomplishment of this research had been Jose Seting Brave, Glaucia Da Silva Brito, Ivonlia of the Purificao and Maria Jose Arajo. Beyond the bibliographical revision also the field research was used, where five professors had been interviewed and five directors of different particular schools of the City of Are Gonalo, that they act in basic education. The interviewed professors had been chosen and had randomly answered the following questions: Which the resources of Internet or computer science you used in room in the year of 2010? You agree that the TICs with use of excellent the adequate method assistant in the process can be education/learning?

With that frequency costuma to have access the Internet? Already made some course online? Which the biggest difficulty found for the use of the TICs in classroom? The interviewed directors, had answered only two questions: Which the resources of Informtica and Internet, have available for the use in lesson in this institution? How the school if organizes to place the disposal of the classrooms the mentioned resources? SUMMARY INTRODUCTION 08 CHAPTER i Technologies Computer science and 11 Education CHAPTER II – the School and the Professor, both in adaptao17 CHAPTER III? Professors X 27 Pupils CONCLUSION 47 CONSULTED BIBLIOGRAPHY 52 CITED BIBLIOGRAPHY (optional) 55 58 ANNEXES INDEX 59 LEAF OF EVALUATION 63 INTRODUCTION science and technology, intervene strong with the destination of the society, making with that the education suffers to forts pressures in what says respect to the use of the same ones, or in the preparation of its pupils for this use, becoming them skillful enough so that they have its place guaranteed in the routine of the diligent citizen, brought up to date and along with the constant transformations the one that are citizens all the concepts and tools of support for the execution of the daily tasks and the diverse forms of following the constant development of technological resources as using of the same ones in its routine of work.

United States Course

Some times the transfer of ‘ becomes necessary; ‘ cestinha’ ‘ , of a platform for a vice ship or it turns. Cestinha is a done device of ropes with a inflatable, imprisoned base to the derrick, that it suspends up to four people for time and deposits them in the final destination. The four diligent ones go hugged to the ropes for the side of are and the luggage inside of the basket. Therefore, if you have fear to fly or of height she can look another form to gain the life. The embarked work requires, still, a good physical preparation and good health. The health examinations are rigorous and a simple cariado tooth can disapprove the candidate.

The good health is necessary for an eventual abandonment of the platform or ship. In the majority of these places many stairs and obstacles exist to be transposed in case of an emergency abandonment. Before the first embarkment the employee it will have that to participate of a salvatagem course, with duration of three the four days, where the fire will learn combat techniques, first socorros, survival in the sea, escape of rough helicopter etc. This course is obligator for all the professionals who work embarked. The salvatagem course is valid per four years, when it will have to be made again for the revalidation per more four years. The number of accidents diminished sufficiently with the improvement of the security but it does not leave of being a which had constant concern to the high typical risk of the work. The last accident of great ratios was of the platform of BP in the United States, where eleven workers faleceram, but, what it seems, the concern with the ambient damages was greater that with the life of these professionals and the situation of the families.

Concluding, I am not wanting that nobody discourages, but, it thinks with calm before opting to the work embarked as professional career. Never vi no statistics on this, but I have observed that to each ten employees contracted for a company, to work embarked, seven will have given up five years after. This generates problems for the company whom it needs to train other people and for the employee who could be if dedicating to another more pleasant activity. Nor of work only embarked the industry of the oil lives, but, to that I to opt to following a career in the oil working embarked desire many happinesses.

Landscape Photography

The landscape is one of the most popular genres in contemporary photography. Cleverly using technical means, and given the natural factors, the photographer is able to give it a particular emotional coloration, which will give his own state of mind. But in order to accurately and eloquently convey the mood, you should remember about the features on location. Any landscape is removed under the open sky at artificial or natural light. One source of natural light is the sun. Sunlight, constantly changing depending on the altitude of the sun above the horizon (the time of day) and the state of the atmosphere (Weather) is divided into directional (direct) and scattered by the atmosphere.

Secondary source of illumination is the sky, He and other light reflecting surface of the subject. In the early morning and late afternoon hours in the natural light contains much more red and orange rays than in the middle of the day. This phenomenon also depends on time of year, weather conditions, geographic latitude. As the sun rises gradually increased not only light intensity, but also changes its color temperature is a change of the spectrum, it begin to dominate the blue, blue, violet rays. Consequently, the color temperature of daylight. In Depending on the altitude of the sun natural light is divided into periods of spectacular (Low) morning and evening, normal, zenith and twilight lighting. With spectacular lighting horizontal rays of the sun form long, elongated shadows of objects, well reveal the terrain, the volume of items, plans.

Civil Code

The law provides for the obligation of the bank along with the return of the deposit (deposit) and pay accrued interest. That is not allowed to delay payment of interest on the deposit, the unilateral deferment or installment payment of interest on the deposit. Depositor is entitled to receive interest on the deposit, even if early termination of the contract initiated by the depositor. Peter Thiel describes an additional similar source. At its core, the recovery of contributions prior to the expiration of his term should be recognized as a unilateral change of contract, authorized by law, but such action entail consequences, namely in the amount of interest on this deposit. Thus, if the contribution is returned before the expiration of interest payments, the amount of interest the bank charges on the basis of actual period of use of depositors’ funds, and pays at the same time with the return of the principal amount of the deposit. Part 3 tbsp. 1060 Civil Code of Ukraine stipulates that if, under the contract of bank deposit contribution is returned to the depositor on his request before the expiration or until the occurrence of other circumstances stipulated in the contract, the interest on this deposit is paid at the rate of interest on demand deposits, if the contract does not set a high percentage.

Dental Care

Abnormalities Number 1) Partial anodontia or hypodontia: We use this term when a loss of up to six teeth in the dental arch. The prevalence of partial anodontia is very high, reaching, according to some authors, up to 20% of the population. It affects different dental groups, with predominance of upper lateral incisors, second premolars and third molars. In general, teeth that are affected more often we see that are more distal teeth of different tooth groups.

The hypodontia have a strong genetic pattern, and often repeated the same agenesis in different individuals of the same family. Left lateral incisor agenesis in a patient of 20 years which has just exfoliate the temporal side. We rule out the existence of a radiographic dental impaction, and warn the patient of frequent family pattern of abnormality. Agenesis of the four second premolars. Faced with a delay of more than a year in the exfoliation of primary teeth, we must make a radiographic study to determine if there is agenesis, delayed eruption, or an obstacle to the eruption. 2) Hipergenesia: In the presence of an excessive number of teeth we call hipergenesia or hyperdontia.

A teeth over the temporary call, so called because they exceed the normal number in the arcade. The hipergenesia may coincide in the same individual with agenesis, so not always hipergenesia to an increased number of teeth. Therefore, we prefer to analyze the number of teeth group teeth (incisor, canine, premolar and molar). The hipergenesias have a frequency ranging between 0.5 and 3%, with some racial variability.