BackWerk opened first Swiss self-service bakery in Schaffhausen pastries is the inventor of the self-service bakeries and market leader in Europe in this sector. The German franchise company was founded in 2001 in Dusseldorf and today is headquartered in Essen. Founder and Managing Director of pastries are the two longtime Roland Berger consultants, Dr. Dirk Schneider and Dr. Hans Christian Limmer.

The company established this new type of operation in the market and has a stable branch and revenue growth since its inception. Pastry was awarded several times for its innovative concept and now has 275 locations in Germany and in five other European countries. Together with franchise partners, pastry has more than 2000 employees. 2009 pastry generated a turnover of 121 million euros and thus achieved an increase in turnover of 27 per cent compared with the previous year. A further increase in sales to 136 million is expected for 2010. Basis of success is the continuous further development of the business concept, the close cooperation with our franchise partners and the optimal orientation on the needs of the customers. “The self-service bakeries are characterized by their cheap range of different pastries, the all-day handy double according to the motto ISS fresher” are offered. The expanding franchise-based company met a high level for his partner.

So was the pioneer of self-service bakeries in the impulses of franchise ranking 2010 of the 100 best franchise systems compared to make again a place and is now fourth in a row with McDonald’s franchise sizes, Fressnapf, and town & country. Self service with a one hundred percent of Swissness”in on-site furnaces serve fresh baked goods are baked. The customer takes a tablet at the entrance, selects fresh pastries from the always filled shelves, paid them at the till and then pack up their purchases themselves. The variety of pastries including consists Breads, pastries and sandwiches as well as cool drinks and coffee specialties.