Argued that inviting to the wedding of good wedding photographer, wedding sneak peek at his portfolio, on inquiry about his work, you get a guaranteed quality. But what about: "We saw good, brilliant , we must have exactly the same Enough already that the wedding photographer will prisuvtvovat us, and good wedding photography is his concern. " Want to disappoint you, it is not sufficient, what be a professional photographer was not, as many have not heard you on his good qualities, how expensive it would not cost services without your involvement and desire nothing happens! Young must also actively participate in the process of wedding photography, but it is also not a little work, even on a day like your wedding will have to work hard. And not apply to wedding photography, as the person who you something, it should. A good result Photoshoot will be only with the direct participation and confidence in your photographer. I think this is the basic condition for achieving a good result. First of all, the best would be if you get acquainted with your photographer in advance. So you and the photographer will feel much more natural and relaxed.

Let's look at the order, but at the same time and see how is wedding photography and what it is. Traditionally, a wedding photographer in the book a day, starting before the foreclosure starts with the preparation of the bride. Where is the wedding photographer can get acquainted with the bride and her parents, in cases where such a meeting has not occurred previously.