PLC – Power Line Communication

PLC? POWER LINE COMMUNICATIONS: DEFINITIONS, ADVANTAGES, DISADVANTAGES AND REQUIREMENTS. Philip Mayan Barbosa Garden Antonio Ricardo Leocdio Gomes SUMMARY Currently, the terms conectividade and technology, each day that passes if becomes more common between the reporters, periodicals, in the schools and the society in a general way. The dependence in the use of computer networks of the organizations comes if becoming each time stronger e, with this, new products and services appear to each moment. The main objective of this article is to present and to approach technology PLC? Power Line Communication, a technology that uses the infrastructure of residential or commercial electric net for the transmission of data. The definitions, advantages, disadvantages and the requirements of this technology will be presented, with intention to clarify the inherent doubts to this subject, a time that, theoretically is a subject little spread out, as much in the half academic how much in the society in a general way.

The work makes a boarding of the main technologies used for the transmission of data existing, such as: computer network saw handle and of the nets wireless. The explanations on definitions, advantages, disadvantages, requirements, topologies of the electrical system and too much consideraes, are presented of didactic and simple form, in order to facilitate the agreement of this technology. For in such a way, a bibliographical research and next to the main companies was used as methodology who are carrying through tests with this technology. It was verified that with this new technology, it appears plus a possibility for the transmission of data and access the Internet. One gives credit that the advance of this technology now depends on the companies if to adaptarem to the rules preset for the installment of this service and in the standardization of the necessary equipment for the use.