Popular Fireproofing Materials

Flame retardants – substances that possess the required effective fire protection, and are used for processing objects in order to fire. But it must be exactly as instructed, use of flame retardants coatings, which are divided into types on the basis of the material object of protection. So, we can provide funding of fire protection intumescent fire retardant paint and coating, which will be most effective for Metal and metal surfaces, including air ducts, but for them to make better use of basalt materials. Intumescent fire retardant coating on the thin-layer based on organic binders mastic, which will be more effective for electric cables and penetrations. Fireproof paints, varnishes, impregnating, coating and covering varnishes, will be most effective for wood and wood based materials. For fabrics, nonwoven fabrics, carpets, yield the best results are flame retardants, which are intended also for biodefense. For products made of concrete and reinforced concrete – the special trains. And to protect the entrance to house, doors and fire dampers ducts, bulkheads and partitions, furniture, decoration which meet high standards of fire safety, has an excellent flame retardant material – ecologically pure vermiculite plates, which together with high fire resistance combines high sound absorption in, insulation, and also has excellent decorative properties with unlimited service life.

Currently, in civil engineering flame retardants are used very widely. Because they increase the fire resistance of structures, prevent the emergence of fires, delayed ignition facilities, reduce the flame spread over the surface of materials. Some means of fire protection, such as antiseptics, have antibacterial properties – protects the wood materials from decay and dust. Do not forget that using flame retardants, you can protect yourself and your family from accidental ignition from abandoned matches, burning cigarettes. And in the event of a major fire in You will have more time to evacuate. For more information on fireproofing can be found on the company's website MORNING, which will provide you with high quality experts in the field of flame retardants. We can help choose the most suitable flame retardant for you.