Real Estate Results

Specifies a list of documents used by the appraiser and establish the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the property; authenticity of the documents must be certified properly. The contents of these sections should give full information about the object of evaluation, which allows to choose the right option use of property, pick up objects-analogues, to adjust their cost, to determine the magnitude and dynamics of the rent and expenses, have reason to select areas of capitalization (direct capitalization, discounted cash flows, etc.). Analysis of the best and most efficient use of the property This section provides a justification for the results of application of this principle in the following directions: – legally permitted use – physically possible use – profitable use – the most profitable use. These results should be presented to the desired, by According to the customer, or potential uses of property separately for the land as undeveloped, and for having a building. The analysis should include the results of calculations of comparative cost-effectiveness of each alternative use. Performance requirements of this section of the report: – provides a list of valid options for the use of real estate – appropriate calculations their relative effectiveness. The choice of approaches to assessment in the report should contain a summary of the essence of each approach assessment of the property: – costly – a comparative analysis of sales (market) – profitable.

An appraiser has the right to use their own methods of assessing property in accordance with the standards of evaluation. Based on the content and purpose of the assessment form the cost of concrete object property justifies the need to use each of these approaches. More detailed descriptions of approaches to assessment, we touch on in other articles. Coordination of the results of calculations This section should provide justification that confirm compliance with the results of calculations using different approaches for assessing real property: – the objective evaluation – the nature of the object Real Estate – the degree of completeness and accuracy of initial information – the value of the error results for each of the methods of calculation – the value of the upper and lower limit values of project cost. Performance requirements this section of the report: The final value of the value of the property must be accompanied by a characteristic restrictions and limits of application of the result.

Applications This section should contain: – documents of title and plan for the land, buildings and other properties, their technical data sheets and floor plans – location map of the area object – picture of the object – reference conservation status – maps of the land and buildings analog analog – the list of data used and the sources of their receipt. Copies of the following documents: – a license to perform assessment activities; – educational documents – an insurance policy for liability insurance appraiser – document, certificate of membership in the self-regulatory organization. The report may also contain other information, is, according to the appraiser, important for the completeness of the reflection of the application of the method of calculating the value of specific property. To assess the individual types of real estate on the order of Mingosimuschestva Russia may provide special forms reports. Report personally signed by the appraiser and certified by the seal (if any). The evaluation report shall be signed by the appraiser, the responsible Executive (Specialist) as well as head of the organization, an appraiser with the stamp of a legal entity.