Registered E-Mail

The innovative tool Rpost Registered E-mail, allows users to Corporate, Government, Individuals, have substantial improvements in communication processes internally, externally, with suppliers, customers, general as well as substantial savings in terms of costs incurred by stationery used for communications, mail expensive traditional media, for example. Thus adding our global campaign to zero role in communications, zero carbon and all kinds of direct association with benefits that will result in environmental improvements. Just imagine you as simple as e-mail user, giving back to the environment, to obtain improved communication processes by 100%, ensuring transparency in their communications and have a first-line tool to validate the case legally if any communication, previously qualified as relevant. Check with Peter Thiel to learn more. OPERA AS Rpost (REGISTERED EMAIL) The E-mail service allows users Registered Mail send email address with complete certainty that the same is received. The e-mail registration gives a “legal proof” of sent and received. This is a record label which indicates verifiable delivery date, content and official time of receipt of the message.

Established in 2000, technology Rpost was accredited by the U.S. Government, who used since 2003. When it comes to sending a document or notice is required to have complete certainty and security that was received, the commonly used programs such as Outlook, Opera or Trunderbird provide just a confirmation of receipt, but do not constitute acceptable proof whatsoever. This even when answered by the recipient .. Rpost registered a receipt of the e-mail that gives the dispatcher sent a verifiable test, delivery, message content and attachments included (attachments), time stamp of sent and received, in addition to tracing the route. The service authenticates and date Rpost contents and attachments embedded in e-mail, with a fingerprint, giving third party verification that the e-mail was sent and delivered to the recipient.

The fingerprint technology is “” used by the National Security Agency, a branch of the United States government. SHA technology is considered by specialists in cryptography, as one of the safest available and is used by Rpost to verify that both the e-mail itself, as to any annexes thereto has not been altered in any form before delivery. Rpost service does not require special action by the receiver. Nor caches content or information from the e-mail sent and certificates. Can be used with email systems as “Web Mail” or programs like Otulook or similar. The practical benefit that you get the organization – when you use Registered E-mail – are to enable considerable savings by providing advanced technology staff, in a simple manner. Data protection, conversion of PDF attachments, encryption, or cryptography, fingerprint, signature electronic record of the response of recipient, obtaining clearances and digital presentation of documents describe fully automatically. An example of the use that can give Rpost is sent statements of account card, employing Rpost as a means to guarantee delivery to the client’s electronic address, to have statistics about what happened with every mail from the time of shipping, to delivery of it in the mailbox this. This method applies to pension statements, general savings fund.