The word surgery comes from the Greek cheirourgia, cheir meaning hand, and ergon, meaning work. It is a branch of medicine which aims to cure diseases by means of operations made with the hand or with instruments. Origin: found your practice tests in the East in ancient times, some tribes of the India are skillful in the autoplastia, the Egyptians and Israelites knew some surgical operations such as castration. The true scientific surgery period begins in Greece. Find the origins in Hippocrates, who wrote about external diseases and their treatment.

It describes inflammation, tumors, wounds, fistulas, fractures, luxations (referring to general); It also deals with diseases of the teeth, the eyes of the genito-urinary organs of women. Littre has stated that the writings of Hippocrates are the monument of ancient surgery and a model for all times. The school of Alexandria represents a scientific Renaissance with the renewal of the anatomical studies, indispensable basis of the surgery. The origins in Rome are not very clear. Here the doctors show up late. Anyone who is sick, or cured if same, taking very simple remedies, or was dying; the doctor didn’t about them no merit or guilt. To heal wounds and patients, used different herbs with healing virtues, whose knowledge is passed from parents to children. It was a medicine called scientia herbarum (which had something of witchcraft) the authentic news of surgical science begins with the appearance of Celso; who summed up the knowledge of his time concerning the matter.

Translating from Greek authors, without forgetting its original approach. The father of modern surgery is Ambrose stops founder of surgical forensic medicine; highlighting its work related to head trauma, foreign bodies joints, fractures of the femur, ophthalmology, hernias, etc. If you want to know everything about today’s cosmetic surgery day; section health you will find all the answers on this topic in the the book of surgery Estetice; In addition to other proven quality items related to the care of the body, the mind, the soul and spirit and other sections: sports, entertainment, painting, computer, languages and more.