Rusher Crowd

Yes, the idea is good, but you run the risk of sitting in one place, be cut knayferom. It should also be realistically evaluate your ability to shoot with different weapons, sitting with Steyr Tactical Machine Pistol (TMP), I doubt that you will pass it quickly, since the accuracy of the shot her only from the first cartridge and the distance is not very large. It must be remembered that the usual gg chaotic maps and symmetrical, approach any player can be virtually any angle. If you are not psychic you can not predict which side will climb players. Typically, card is viewed from the top of the points, and always well Camper can be seen. Rats – players who prefer to run around the crowd and shoot the floor of enemies killed.

Not seldom jump out of the crowd, which would be cut, while others shoot. Sometimes they are in the early rounds can be obtained advantage due to the knife, but keep the championship, they can not. Players of this type normally do not like, hence the name of the type of game. Crazy Rusher – players rushing at breakneck speed, despite the sides and trying to shoot everything moving, but as a rule on this is not enough skill. However, lack of skill, players of this type with ease compensate walking crowd. Even walking the crowd does not protect against knayferov and rats.

Cut these players is easy, as they crammed into one side, despite what is happening on the sides and rear. By the end of the card usually hold the middle position. Classic style – players methodically bypass map, viewing angles and crevices, killing Campers and rats. Usually possess a high level of skill. Not rarely use a knife, mostly with a successful outcome. Able to read a map and assess the situation where you need to go, but where is meaningless. Usually occupy the first position. These are the basic types of games on the gg, but it does not mean that all are just as described. Usually combine several types of games.